35 Best Gifts Ideas for Pool Players 

When you have a pool player in your life, there are more gifts than you thought that can make them happy.

Choose items to help organize or add ambiance to their pool room. Or you can give them something related to the pool table, bridges, chalk, cue sticks, or gear. Pool-related gifts, accessories, and clothing are also great options.

This ultimate pool player gift guide includes 35 gifts for pool players of all skill levels and playing styles.


Every pool room deserves to be well-organized. Organizational items also add room style.

Pool Wall Mount

Having a place to put away pool gear can keep a pool room looking neat and tidy.

Pool Cue Rack - Pool Stick Holder Wall Mount With 16 Ball Holders & 6 Pack Of Chalk - Rubber Circle Pads & Large Clips Prevent Damage - Compact Billiard Table Accessories For Man Cave (Mahogany)

This organizer keeps six sticks, 16 balls, chalk, and racks organized on the wall between plays. It comes in either mahogany or black and includes a 6-pack of chalk.

Billiard Stick and Ball Floor Stand with Scorer

This corner-of-the-room stand holds eight sticks and 16 balls.

Cue Rack Only - 8 Pool Billiard Stick & Ball Floor Stand with Scorer Choose Mahogany, Dark Oak or Black Finish (Mahogany)

It also includes four rubber-ringed cupholders and four scorers for players. Choose from mahogany, dark oak, or natural finishes to match other room furniture.

For the Table

Pool tables need love, too. Here are some gift ideas to help keep the pool table looking great.

Heavy-Duty Fitted Leatherette Billiard Pool Table Cover

A sturdy cover can keep a pool table safe from dust between plays.

Boshen 7/8/9FT Heavy Duty Fitted Leatherette Billiard Pool Table Cover Furniture Cover

Boshen offers pool table covers in 7’, 8’, and 9’ sizes. They also have black, brown, brown tree pattern, grey, and green covers from which to choose. The backing is cotton fleece ant the leatherette top is wrinkle-free.

Ping Pong Table Top for Pool Table

Billiards isn’t the only game in town.

JOOLA Tetra - 4 Piece Ping Pong Table Top for Pool Table - Includes Ping Pong Net Set - Full Size Table Tennis Conversion Top for Billiard Tables - Easy Assembly & Compact Storage - Incl. Foam Backing

This foam-backed, regulation-sized ping pong table sits on top of a regular pool table. Set only takes 3 minutes, and compact storage makes switching between games a breeze.

Pool Table Felt

If your friend’s pool table looks rough, make it look new again with new felt.

Boshen Billiard Cloth Pool Table Felt with 6 Cloth Strips for 8 Foot Table Fast Pre-Cut Rails, 3 Fabrics for Choice

Choose from 9 different colors of 75% wool and 25% polyamide felt that comes in three different sizes. The kit includes enough felt for the table and rails.

Pool Table Cloth Cleaning Tool

Keeping a pool table looking nice has never been easier.

Simonis X-1 Pool Table Cloth Cleaning Tool. (Multi)

Iwan Simonis’ pool-cleaning tool works with static electricity and capillary action. Remove chalk dust by gliding the tool across the pool table. The easy-grip cork handle makes cleaning effortless.

Cue Silk Pool Table Cleaner with Microfiber Cloth

Some players are rougher on their pool table than just marking it up with chalk.

Cue Silk PTC Pool Table Cleaner 16 oz Bottle Bundle with Microfiber Cloth

Cue Silk is an effective no-bleach, no-phosphate cleaner for tough stains on any pool table. A microfiber cloth combined with the one-swipe formula saves time and keeps the table looking nice longer.


When a player has the perfect shot in mind, a bridge can keep it steady.

Retractable Pool Bridge

This pool bridge can retract down to 13 inches to assist with either short or long shots.

IGOTCHA Pool Bridge Retractable Pool Bridge, Black

It’s small enough to fit into your pocket. It also has a detachable head and fits easily into any large cue case. IGOTCHA crafts their pool bridge handles from maple wood.

Moosehead Slip-On Bridge Head

A slip-on bridge converts any cue stick into a bridge.

Imperial Billiard/Pool Cue Accessory: Slip-On/Portable Moosehead Bridge Head, Plastic , Black

A rubber grommet keeps the cue stick unharmed. Because it is only a bridgehead, it is highly portable. The moose-head design features nine different grooves to help a player get the perfect angle for tricky shots.


Chalk is a necessary part of any pool game. It provides friction to keep the cue stick from sliding off the ball.

Chalk with Octagon Chalk Holder

Predator makes octagon-shaped chalk that helps improve a player’s accuracy, consistency, and ball spin.

Predator 1080 Pure Performance Chalk, 5 Pieces with Octagon Chalk Holder

Predator formulates their chalk to cover the cue tip better and stays on it longer. This set comes with 5 pieces of chalk and an octagon-shaped holder.

Cue-Stick-Related Gifts

Cue sticks are a vital part of a pool player’s game. Here are some gifts to make that part of the experience even better.

3-in-1 Pool Cue Tip Tool

A pool cue tip matters. That’s why any pool player will appreciate an accessory that gives their cue an advantage.

BALIKEN/ Pool Chalk/ 3 in 1 Snooker Pool Cue Tip Tool Billiard Cue Accessories Shaper/Tapper/Aerator/Pool Stick (Black)

The shaper contours the tip to the correct shape, the tapper roughens the surface to hold chalk better, and the aerator breaks the surface to hold more chalk.

Maple Cue with Daggers and Diamonds

Any pool lover would be thrilled with bird-eye-patterned maple wood cues.

Purex HXT-65 Antique Birds-Eye Maple with Black and White Daggers and Diamonds Technology Pool Cue, 20.5-Ounce

The tip contains ten layers of laminated leather, the shaft has Low Deflection Technology, and an implex joint collar gives players a firm hit. Wrapless handles provide a sleek feel. 18.5 oz to 20 oz sizes available.

Personal Gear

Your favorite pool player can play and transport their equipment in style with these items.

Hard Billiard Pool Cue Stick Carrying Case

Players can protect quality pool gear when traveling to games with a hard case.

GSE Games & Sports Expert 2x2 Deluxe Hard Billiard Pool Cue Stick Carrying Case (Several Colors Available) (Square - Blue)

GSE Games & Sports Expert has 13 different color styles from which to choose. Their carrying cases hold two two-piece cue sticks with zipper compartments for chalk and other accessories.

Pool Glove

Pool gloves allow the cue stick to glide more easily across the hand and give the player more control.

Anser M050912 Man Woman Elastic Lycra 3 Fingers Show Gloves for Billiard Shooters Carom Pool Snooker Cue Sport - Wear on The Right or Left Hand 1PCS (Blue, L)

Anser makes their pool gloves from stretchy lycra that fits either the right or left hand and velcros at the wrist. The glove is available in six color styles.

Cue-Ball-Related Gifts

Balls are integral to any pool game. Ramp up the game with these ball-related gifts.

Mahogany Billiard 8-Ball Triangle and 9-Ball Diamond Racks

Solid wood racks with a mahogany finish look nice on the table. Offering an 8-ball and 9-ball rack gives your pool-loving friend the option to change up their game.

GSE Games & Sports Expert Mahogany Billiard 8-Ball Triangle & 9-Ball Diamond Pool Ball Racks (8-Ball Triangle & 9-Ball Diamond Racks)

The racks fit standard 2.25” cue balls.

Magic Rack

A Magic Rack can help players set up the perfect cue ball rack every time.

BALIKEN 6Pcs/Set Triangle Rack Pool Table Ball Holder Positioning Rack Billiard Accessory Magic Ball Rack Holder Sheet Billiards Triangle Cue Accessories

Using a magic rack can help rack balls in 10 seconds or less. It can also save on table wear and damage from tapping. This set works with 8-, 9-, and 10-ball arrangements.

Practice Training Cue Ball

Practice can help improve a player’s overall pool game.

Marhynchus Billiards Cue Ball Practice Training Artifact, Used in American Billiards Eight Balls, Billiards Cue Balls and Billiard Accessories

The standard lines and dots on this practice training cue ball provide a guide, showing how to gain better ball control. Marhyncus makes their training ball from high-quality resin to resist wear and impact.

Marble Pool Balls

Change up the game by giving your pool lover uniquely swirled marble pool balls.

Iszy Billiards Pool Table Billiard Ball Set, Marble/Swirl Style

The set includes a cue ball. Balls come in classic colors with a white or black marbling background. Iszy makes its pool balls from polyester resin.

Gifts For Pool Room Ambiance

It’s not just a game of pool when the room has ambiance; it’s an experience.

Hanging Billiard Table Light

A billiard table needs illumination, and this light fixture will span the entire table.

59" Hanging Billiard Light for 7ft/8ft/9ft Pool Tables (Several Colors Available) (Green Lamp Shades)

It features 15 decorative pool balls and comes with either green or white lamp shades. The shade can be hardwired or plugged in with an adaptor.

Pool Shark Neon Light

Light up the pool room with a neon pool shark light.

Urby Pool Shark Billiards Real Glass Neon Light Sign Home Beer Bar Pub Recreation Room Game Room Windows Garage Wall Sign 18''x14'' A12-04

Other styles are available, related to pool or alcohol. Signs have a metal frame, supporting glass neon lights. Urby also offers custom designs for even more personalization.

Dart Board 

When players are waiting their turn, let them play darts.

Trademark Gameroom Dartboard Cabinet Set with Realistic Walnut Finish

This dart game comes in a walnut-finish cabinet with chalk scoreboards inside the doors. Flip the dartboard for game variation. It comes with darts for two teams, chalk, and an eraser.

Pool Art Prints

These four ready-to-frame art prints look like patent drawings for the original game of pool.

Original Pool Billiards Patent Art Prints - Set of Four Photos (8x10) Unframed - Makes a Great Gift Under $20 for Pool Players, Game Rooms or Man Caves

For added old-world charm, the prints have a look of aged paper. These 8×10 prints come unframed, so you can match frames to pool room decor.

Pool Rack Quartz Clock With Solid Wood Frame

It’s always time for a game of pool with this pool-themed wall clock.

Trademark 12.75-Inch Pool Rack Quartz Clock with Solid Wood Frame

The frame looks like a wooden pool rack, the background looks like a pool table, and numbered pool balls mark the hour.

Tealight Candle Holder Set

These pool-themed tealight candle holders can give a man cave extra character.

Cave Baller Candle Holder Set - This Ceramic Tealight Candle Holder is a Unique Candles Centerpiece - Rustic Man Cave Decor and Accessories That Make Great Pool Player Gifts for Men

The set includes a wooden diamond-shaped rack to hold 9 cue-ball-shaped tealight holders. Add 9 tealights and light them all at once to add a little pool-flavored charm.

Record Coasters for Drinks

Nobody wants cup rings on the furniture in their pool room.

Record Coasters for Drinks, Funny, Absorbent, Novelty 6 Pieces Vinyl Disk Coasters, Effective Protection of the Desktop to Prevent Damage- 4.1 Inch Size by ZAYAD

Serve up whatever drinks you want. These 4.1” coasters look like tiny records and will protect your furniture. The back of each coaster features anti-slip rubber to keep in place.

Spectator Chair

This spectator chair gives players the option to relax between plays.

Hathaway Cambridge Spectator Chair, Mahogany

It has extra-wide armrests and a footrest for perching comfortably. At seat-level, you’ll find a place to hold a drink and rest a cue stick between plays. Choose from mahogany or antique walnut finish.

Pool-Related Gifts

Pool-related gifts can be either fun or thoughtful.

Magic 8 Ball

Will your pool-loving friend enjoy this piece of nostalgia?

Magic 8 Ball: Retro [Amazon Exclusive]

Magic 8 Ball says, “It is certain.” Ask the Magic 8 Ball a question, give it a good shake, and turn it over for an answer. Don’t like the answer? Ask again. It’s magic.

Byrne’s Complete Book of Pool Shots: 350 Moves Every Player Should Know

Players of every skill level can learn something new from Byrne’s Complete Book of Pool Shots.

Byrne's Complete Book of Pool Shots: 350 Moves Every Player Should Know

This 384-page book goes from pool kindergarten to pool graduate school, teaching essential pool skills. Every play includes an intricate diagram to make learning new moves easy.

Have Pool Cue Will Travel: The Incomparable “St. Louie Louie” Roberts

Author Mark C. O’Brien met the incomparable, charismatic pool player, St. Louie Louie, in 1971.

Have Pool Cue Will Travel: The Incomparable "St. Louie Louie" Roberts

Pool lovers will enjoy reading about his pool room antics and gambling events. Readers will enjoy engaging stories and hilarious anecdotes from a momentous era of pool-playing.

Premium Billiard 32 Pieces Accessory Kit

The Billiard Depot has 19 different accessory kits for playing pool at home.

Pool Table - Premium Billiard 32 Pieces Accessory Kit - Pool Cue Sticks Bridge Ball Sets (Kit-8)

Kits include balls, cues, chalk, brushes, racks, bridges, cue holders, and repair kits. They may also include tally bottles, tally balls, a mini-game, cup, gloves, or a table cover.

Mini Tabletop Pool Set

Not everyone has room in their house or apartment for a full-sized table.

Mini Tabletop Pool Set- Billiards Game Includes Game Balls, Sticks, Chalk, Brush and Triangle-Portable and Fun for the Whole Family by Hey! Play!

Time for a new strategy! This 12.5”x20.25”x3.5” mini pool table has a realistic, fun-to-play design. It comes with a rack and balls, two cues, a table brush, and chalk.

Kurt Adler Glass Pool Ball Christmas Tree Ornaments

Pool balls to hang on the Christmas tree? This 15-piece glass ornament set contains both metallic and pearlized metallic colors.

Kurt Adler 40mm Medallion Collection 15 Piece Glass Pool Balls

Ornaments are perfect alone or among other ornaments. Kurt Adler has been making ornaments since 1946, and these are sure to please.

Pool-Related Accessories and Clothing

Help your pool enthusiast proclaim their enthusiasm to the world with clothing and accessories.

It Worked In My Head” Shirt

You had the perfect play in your head, but it didn’t work on the table.

Pool Player Gift - Billiard 8-Ball It Worked in my Head T-Shirt

Angles, trajectories, physics! This shirt is available in 10 different colors and is shaped for both men or women with sizes from Small to 3XL to fit your favorite pool player.

Billiard Ball Heartbeat Hoodie

Do you know someone whose heart beats for playing pool?

Billiards Hoodie Eight Ball Hoodie - Pool Player Gift Pullover Hoodie

If so, this shirt is sure to delight them. A cue ball on a heart monitor readout shows just how much they love to play pool. It’s a unisex shirt that is available in sizes from small to 2XL and five different colors.

Men’s Fun Billiard Crew Socks

If your pool-loving friend likes to wear fun socks, these will be right up their alley.

Men's Fun Crew Socks, Sock Size 10-13 / Shoe Size 6-12.5, Great Holiday/Birthday Gift (Billiard)

They’re lightweight 70% cotton socks, containing 25% polyester and 5% spandex to fit better and keep feet cool and dry. These socks fit men with shoe sizes from 6 to 12.5.

Final Thoughts

With 35 different gift options, you have gift ideas to last through many gift-giving occasions.

Choose one or several gifts, and mix and match serious gifts with fun ones. These gifts can help improve your pool-loving friend’s pool game and improve your gift-giving game.

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