How to Cover a Pool Table?

An effective way to extend your pool table’s life is by covering it when not in use. A properly fitted pool cover can protect the table from dirt and other debris. It will also protect the table from the damaging rays of the sun.

Dirt and debris that accumulate on the surface can damage the table felt.

Direct sunlight can also tear down the fiber cloth over time.

To ensure that the table cover is protected, you need to have a cover that properly fits the pool table.

How to Properly Cover a Pool Table

The pool table cover should wrap around the entire pool table. Ideally, the cover should hang till the floor. This will protect the pool surface and the wooden legs of the table.

Pool Table cover

Wood color faints if exposed to dust and sunlight (especially if you keep your pool table outside). Covering the entire table will protect the pool table.

Before covering the pool table, you should make sure that the cover itself is not dirty. There will be no point in covering the pool table if the cover is wet or dirty. The pool surface could be ruined in this way.

You should consider buying two pool covers for the pool table. This way, when one cover is dirty and needs washing, the other cover can be used.

Why Covering the Pool Table is Important

The pool table needs to be covered to avoid pet hair, dust, and sunlight from ruining it. If you don’t cover the table, the table felt and the wood structure can become damaged.

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Pet’s claw marks can create a hole in the felt. This will require re-covering of the felt that will be expensive.

Without a pool table cover, UV rays of the sunlight can fade the cloth. The sun rays can also damage the pool table felt. Prevention is important if you want to ensure that the pool table lasts for a long time.

A good quality cover will help ensure that there are no stains on the table. It will also protect the table from pet claw marks and pet hairs.

Keeping the pool table cover will slow down the wear and tear of the table. Cracked leader or holes in the cushion will make your pool unplayable.

You will have to pay hundreds of dollars to repair the table. If the surface of the pool table is badly damaged, you may even have to replace the table. Keeping the pool table covered will ensure that the table lasts for years.

Lastly, the pool table can serve as a fashion statement. You can find a variety of styles and fabrics of the pool table cover. Covering the pool table with stylish covers will impress the guests.

Related Questions

Here are some common questions that you may have bout covering the pool table or the billiard table.

What are the Different Types of Pool Covers?

You can find different types of pool covers online. Each of the pool covers has unique features. But all the different types of covers have the same purpose of protecting the pool table.

The main difference in pool covers is the color and fabric type.

Vinyl Pool Table Covers

Vinyl covers are the most popular that are lightweight and easy to clean. The main benefit of vinyl pool covers is that they are cheaper than other pool cover types. They also offer adequate protection against sunlight.

Moreover, vinyl covers also protect the pool table from spills. This allows the pool table to remain clean when drinks are accidentally spilled on the table. You can easily clean the cover using a brush or vacuum cleaner.

But you should remember that vinyl table covers are not heavy duty. The cover needs to be handled with great care. It is not recommended if there are pets or little children around the house.

Naugahyde Table Covers

Naugahyde table covers are heavy-duty covers that can offer better protection as compared to vinyl covers. The covers can protect the pool table from scratch marks by pets.

The material was invented in 1914 in a US rubber plant in Naugatuck, CN due to which it is known as Naugahyde.

Naugahyde is a leather-like material that is made of a composite knit fabric and expanded polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic coating. The cover is mold resistant and offers UV protection.

The soft texture and genuine appearance of leather also make a stylish statement.

Leatherette Pool Table Cover

Leatherette cover is heavier and durable as compared to the vinyl pool cover. The pool cover is made of a type of vinyl that is not porous. As a result, the cover prevents spills from ruining the table felt.

Cleaning the cover is also easy. Unlike pure leather, leatherette won’t require special care to keep it in good condition.

Leatherette might be a great option for people who want their cover to look great. They look classier as compared to Naugahyde covers.

People who seek a luxury look but also want the cover to protect against spills should buy leatherette cover. But if you have pets around the house, you should better go with the more sturdy Naugahyde covers.

What Factors Should be Considered When Buying a New Pool Cover

You need to consider different factors when buying a cover for the pool table. Here are some tips to ensure that you buy the right pool table cover.

Size of the Pool Table

The first thing you should consider is the size of the cover. You should measure the pool table before buying a cover.

Make sure that the cover completely wraps around the pool table. Note down the dimensions so that you can pick the right cover online.

Remember that the dimensions that are listed online are generally for the play area.

They don’t cover the exterior of the table. You should pick a cover that not only wraps around the play area but the entire pool table.

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Interior Décor

Consider buying a pool table that will go along with the interior room décor. A contrasting color will be best for the pool table.

If the room where the pool table is placed is painted with a light color, the cover should be a dark color. In contrast, if the room is painted with a dark color, the cover should be a light color for contrast.

Cover Material

You should pick the right material for the pool table. The vinyl cover offers adequate protection. For greater protection, you should go with Naugahyde or leatherette cover.

Remember that Naugahyde doesn’t stretch easily as compared to vinyl cover. If you are going for a Naugahyde material, you should ensure that it drapes around the entire table.

The dimensions should be exact otherwise part of the pool table will remain exposed.


Durability is also an important factor when buying a pool table cover. Ideally, you would want to cover to last for years. Vinyl material may be cheap but it tears easily if not handled with care.

Naugahyde material is a rugged material that will last for years with minimum care.


Ultimately, the price factor will determine what type of cover you select for the pool table. It is always better to go with the best material that you can afford. This will help you save money in the long run.


A pool table cover is important to protect the pool table from dust, sunlight, spills, and pets. You should buy a pool table cover that will fully cover the table.

This will ensure the protection of both the pool table felt and wooden construction.

You have different options when buying a table cover. Vinyl covers offer protection against dust and sunlight. For protection against pet claw marks, you should consider

Naugahyde pool cover material. Leatherette offers a perfect stylish statement but may not be as rugged as the Naugahyde material.

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