10 Best Mini Pool Tables for Your Home/Kids

Mini pool tables are great if you have some space constraints or want to get one for your kids.

Think of a mini pool table as a mini version of a full-length pool table, which is lighter, smaller, and cheaper, but just as much fun.

In this article, I am covering the 10 best mini pool tables that you can consider getting for your home.

Our Pick – Top 3 Mini Pool Tables

In case you’re in a hurry, here are my top three recommendations for the best mini pool table.

#1 #2 #3
[amazon link=”B004135WRS” value=”title”] [amazon link=”B07C3VKFS9″ value=”title”] [amazon link=”B08832HLGN” value=”title”]
[amazon fields=”B004135WRS” value=”thumb”] [amazon fields=”B07C3VKFS9″ value=”thumb”] [amazon fields=”B08832HLGN” value=”thumb”]
[amazon fields=”B004135WRS” value=”price”] [amazon fields=”B07C3VKFS9″ value=”price”] [amazon fields=”B08832HLGN” value=”price”]
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Still confused about which mini pool table is best for you?

Let me help by providing detailed reviews on the best mini pool table that I found in the market (and the ones you can buy online).

These reviews will definitely help you gain awareness and understanding of the best features, pros, and cons of each mini pool table.

Let’s get started!

Best Mini Pool Tables Reviewed

Below is the table that shows all the mini pool tables covered in this review.

[amazon link=”B004135WRS” value=”title”] [amazon fields=”B004135WRS” value=”thumb” image_class=”pdt-image”] 9.5 / 10 [amazon fields=”B004135WRS” value=”price”] [amazon link=”B004135WRS” title=”Check Best Price” link_class=”tg-butn”/]
[amazon link=”B07C3VKFS9″ value=”title”] [amazon fields=”B07C3VKFS9″ value=”thumb” image_class=”pdt-image”] 9.5 / 10 [amazon fields=”B07C3VKFS9″ value=”price”] [amazon link=”B07C3VKFS9″ title=”Check Best Price” link_class=”tg-butn”/]
[amazon link=”B08832HLGN” value=”title”] [amazon fields=”B08832HLGN” value=”thumb” image_class=”pdt-image”] 9.0 / 10 [amazon fields=”B08832HLGN” value=”price”] [amazon link=”B08832HLGN” title=”Check Best Price” link_class=”tg-butn”/]
[amazon link=”B07H8DS84Y” value=”title”] [amazon fields=”B07H8DS84Y” value=”thumb” image_class=”pdt-image”] 9.0 / 10 [amazon fields=”B07H8DS84Y” value=”price”] [amazon link=”B07H8DS84Y” title=”Check Best Price” link_class=”tg-butn”/]
[amazon link=”B012EUWTL6″ value=”title”] [amazon fields=”B012EUWTL6″ value=”thumb” image_class=”pdt-image”] 8.5 / 10 [amazon fields=”B012EUWTL6″ value=”price”] [amazon link=”B012EUWTL6″ title=”Check Best Price” link_class=”tg-butn”/]
[amazon link=”B073G3HN6H” value=”title”] [amazon fields=”B073G3HN6H” value=”thumb” image_class=”pdt-image”] 8.5 / 10 [amazon fields=”B073G3HN6H” value=”price”] [amazon link=”B073G3HN6H” title=”Check Best Price” link_class=”tg-butn”/]
[amazon link=”B07QCVSJ5P” value=”title”] [amazon fields=”B07QCVSJ5P” value=”thumb” image_class=”pdt-image”] 8.0 / 10 [amazon fields=”B07QCVSJ5P” value=”price”] [amazon link=”B07QCVSJ5P” title=”Check Best Price” link_class=”tg-butn”/]
[amazon link=”B08DCY6GJ4″ value=”title”] [amazon fields=”B08DCY6GJ4″ value=”thumb” image_class=”pdt-image”] 8.0 / 10 [amazon fields=”B08DCY6GJ4″ value=”price”] [amazon link=”B08DCY6GJ4″ title=”Check Best Price” link_class=”tg-butn”/]
[amazon link=”B082T4JBGF” value=”title”] [amazon fields=”B082T4JBGF” value=”thumb” image_class=”pdt-image”] 7.5 / 10 [amazon fields=”B082T4JBGF” value=”price”] [amazon link=”B082T4JBGF” title=”Check Best Price” link_class=”tg-butn”/]
[amazon link=”B00NFJYKXQ” value=”title”] [amazon fields=”B00NFJYKXQ” value=”thumb” image_class=”pdt-image”] 7.5 / 10 [amazon fields=”B00NFJYKXQ” value=”price”] [amazon link=”B00NFJYKXQ” title=”Check Best Price” link_class=”tg-butn”/]

Now let’s have a look at the detailed reviews of each of the mini pool table covered in this article.

[amazon link=”B004135WRS” value=”title”]

[amazon box=”B004135WRS”]

GLD products present Mainstreet classics- a 20-inch tabletop miniature billiard/pool game set.

Enjoy a game of pool in your own comfort zone. Play in your bedroom, dining table, office, or outdoors without needing any extra space.

The pool table is sturdy and economical giving you the same pleasure of the game without Shelling extra cash for an expensive pool table.

The table is available in the dimensions of 20 ⅛*12 ¼* 3 ½ inches and weighs around 6 pounds.

All you need is a stable tabletop and a partner to enjoy your game time! The portable nature and compact size make it easy to store and carry around.

The table comes with a set of billiard balls, two cues, chalk, a resin racking triangle, and a table brush.

The small size does not take away any of the features of the arcade-style table. It has all the important accessories you need to play the game including an automatic side ball return feature.

The balls are made from the same material as a regular size billiard ball. The material makes it resistant to cracking and chipping. The build quality of this table is what makes up rank at the top in our analysis of the best mini pool table.

The cues measure 22 inches in length. The pool table is tough and well-balanced and looks exactly like the classic pool table.

Enjoy a proper game of pool with friends and family with this gorgeous mini pool table.

  • Compact and easy to store
  • Portable and sturdy
  • Features automatic side ball return
  • Includes two cues, resin triangle, set of billiard balls, chalk and table brush
  • Comes pre-assembled
  • The balls need to be hit hard to roll well.
  • The wood on the cue sticks is not smooth

[amazon link=”B07C3VKFS9″ value=”title”]

[amazon box=”B07C3VKFS9″]

Rally and roar present a pool table set / mini billiard table with a complete set of balls, cues, and rack.

You get to choose from a wide range of colors for your mini billiard table- grey brown white or black color.

Made from wood, it is available in the dimensions of 40*20*9 inches and weighs 14.3 pounds. You can quickly assemble the mini billiard table anywhere.

It is compact, easy to store and a breeze to carry and travel with the perfect game of pool. Play in the comforts of your home, office, gym, or outdoors at your whim and wish.

You no longer have to hold yourself back for the lack of space or money. The small size is exactly the same as the large size with a well-balanced smooth surface.

The wooden frame on all four sides gives it an attractive appearance. The mini pool set includes custom-made balls 1.37 inches designed to help you aim perfectly.

The cues weigh 200g so that you can have better control over the game. The pool table features premium rubber bumpers for improved bouncing performance.

The billiard table has a padded base and foam-padded legs to prevent scratches on your floor and furniture.

The Rally and Roar pool table is designed in the United States and is ideal for all age groups. It comes with two cues, a cue ball set, brush, rack, and chalk.

The company has good local customer service that helps you to get replacement parts easily.

  • Premium enlarged balls for improved performance
  • Heavier cues for better control Removable legs
  • Rubber bumpers
  • Padded base and legs
  • Expensive compared to other mini pool tables

[amazon link=”B08832HLGN” value=”title”]

[amazon box=”B08832HLGN”]

Win max presents a 20-inch classic mini pool tabletop/billiard table that is a perfect gift for kids.

The billiard tabletop is available in the dimensions of 20*13*4 inches and weighs 6 pounds. Teach your children the joy of sports with this compact mini pool table.

Its small size makes it easy to carry around. You no longer need an extra-large space or expensive table for a game of pool.

Play in any room, any building, or outdoors. All it needs is a stable, sturdy, and well-balanced tabletop.

Enjoy your leisure time playing pool whenever you wish. It can be easily stored below your bed or in the cupboard. The table looks quite attractive with a blue-colored cloth that is clinquant velvet surrounded by a dark red wooden frame.

The cloth is durable and will not tear easily or change color with time. The mini pool game is an excellent alternative to mobile and computer games.

It is a game of bonding and spending time with family and friends. The pool table is tough, sturdy, and has all the accessories of a classic billiard table.

The mini balls are made up of the same material as the original balls and measure 1 inch in diameter.

The table is made up of good quality MDF. It features an odorless PVC with realistic wood grain and is specially designed to be safe for kids.

It has no sharp edges anywhere. The tabletop pool table comes with a set of two cues, cue balls, chalk, brush, and resin triangle.

The cues are smooth and wooden especially designed for the tender hands of children. Anyone who loves and enjoys playing pool can buy this mini billiard table.

Instead of missing out on your favorite sports during the lockdown, enjoy a smaller version of the real billiard table and play a mini-game of billiards right in the comfort of your home.

You also get to save cash as it is not at all pricey compared to the original pool table. The win max 20-inch billiard table is guaranteed to bring you joy, fun, and entertainment.

  • Lightweight
  • Attractive cloth
  • Odorless PVC with realistic wood grain frame
  • The same material of balls as original pool balls
  • The small-sized balls can be ingested by pets and small kids.
  • No instructions or beginner guide
  • The size of the net is small

[amazon link=”B07H8DS84Y” value=”title”]

[amazon box=”B07H8DS84Y”]

Presenting a mini pool table/tabletop billiards/mini snooker game set by ‘Portzon’. The Desktop is made of anti fleece fabric that gives you better friction and an enjoyable gaming experience.

The table is available in the dimensions of 14.6*24.7*6.1 inches and weighs 7.2 pounds. Play real sports with your family indoors by bringing this home.

It fits any room or space and is a wonderful set to perfect your game of pool. It can be played by people of all age groups.

You get to play pool at your whim and desire. The compact nature makes it easy to carry around and store.

The mini billiard table is made up of 12 cms fiberboard of medium density with an attractive wood grain texture.

It has all the accessories like that of a real pool table so you get a real feel of the game. The desktop is covered by green velvet that gives moderate resistance to the ball movement.

The ball set is made up of the same material as the original balls. The set has 15 colorful balls with one white ball.

All of them are 1 inch in diameter. The table includes two wooden 24-inch pool cues, a bracket along with a brush, and chalk.

The billiard table is a wonderful bonding game for family and friends. You do not need a lot of space and neither do you need to shell out cash for an expensive billiard table.

It comes with table legs that you need to fix with the help of screws. The accessories also include a wrench to help you tighten the legs.

  • Suitable for all age groups
  • The table features a fiberboard of medium density with a wood grain texture.
  • Anti Fleece fabric of the desktop with moderate friction
  • Includes all accessories like the original pool table.
  • Includes two 24 inches cues, resin, chalk, and brush.
  • The legs are not pre-assembled.
  • The one-inch balls should be kept out of reach from pets and small children for fear of ingestion.

[amazon link=”B012EUWTL6″ value=”title”]

[amazon box=”B012EUWTL6″]

Tabletop toys present a mini pool billiard table. People of all ages can enjoy the luxury of this sport- right in the comfort of your home!

The mini pool table is a small version of the original- having the same material and accessories. It is available in the dimensions of 20.3*12.4*3.7 and measures 6.2 pounds.

Billiards is a brilliant replacement for online games and mobile. The whole family can participate in fun, excitement, and bonding.

You get to practice perfect aims with this smaller version of the original billiard table. The table is highly detailed with green velvet and wood grain finish.

The accessories are 15 color balls with one white ball, two pool sticks, one resin, and chalk. The balls are made up of the same material found in large pool tables with the same touch and feel as the ball.

As it is small you can play the game in any room, office, dormitory, or outdoors. It is quite convenient to carry and the compact nature allows for easy storage.

The small size creates a challenge for the experts and a great alternative to the original billiard table.

It is a boon in lockdown when you can’t go out. You also end up saving extra cash.

  • The table and accessories are of the same material as the original pool table
  • Attractive green velvet top with a wood grain finish
  • Compact and easy to store
  • Easy to carry around
  • Includes color balls, two pool sticks, resin, and chalk
  • It does not come with a brush
  • For the given price, the quality is not up to the mark

[amazon link=”B073G3HN6H” value=”title”]

[amazon box=”B073G3HN6H”]

Presenting an executive mini desktop pool game by Barwench. The mini pool table is an exact copy of the large pool tables.

You can now enjoy playing pool in the comfort of your home. It is perfect for kids and an ideal alternative to games and videos.

Playing pool is fun, entertaining and it brings the whole family together. Being small and compact, it is easy to store and carry.

You do not need a lot of space- play it in any room or outdoors. The pool table is available in the dimensions of 8.27*4.88*1.34 inches and weighs 8.8 ounces.

The indoor pool desktop edition includes a mini pool table, 15 colored balls, 1 cue ball, 1 pool stick, one rack cue, and one triangle.

The mini-sized desktop game can be played anytime you wish. All you need is a partner and a basic understanding of the game of pool.

Both the kids and adults get to perfect their aims on this table.

Enjoy the indoor sport with friends and family in your leisure time. It also makes a great gift for occasions.

  • Compact & Portable
  • Cheap
  • Attractive look and design
  • Includes cue stick, rack stick, 15 colored balls, one white ball, and triangle
  • Made of cheap quality
  • The mini-sized balls and the small cue makes it difficult to play
  • Does not have chalk and brush

[amazon link=”B07QCVSJ5P” value=”title”]

[amazon box=”B07QCVSJ5P”]

Introducing a mini pool table with a complete billiard set that is perfect for lockdowns and pandemics.

You can easily play a game of pool indoors with your friends and family without needing a lot of space with this mini billiard game.

The mini pool game set is available in the dimensions of 14*9.5*3 inches and weighs 3.25 pounds.

Being small and compact you can easily carry it anywhere you wish to play and storing it is a breeze.

The mini pool table is a small version of the original large pool game. It has sleek wood paneling to give you the same touch and feel.

There are rubber stoppers on the bottom so the table stays firmly in place The accessories are just like the original except they are downsized to fit the mini-game set.

They include a colorful ball set, two cues, a triangle, and chalk. You can keep on practicing right in the comfort of your home whenever you wish.

It is a great gift and an excellent replacement for mobile games for both kids and adults. Billiard helps the family to bond and spend fun time together.

  • Compact and portable
  • Sleek wood paneling
  • Rubber stoppers for stability
  • Includes set of balls, two cues, chalk, and triangle
  • Does not come with a brush
  • The cheap lining in the table releases fuzzies
  • Sticks are slightly curved
  • Cue balls and the table are out of proportion
  • Balls don’t bounce off from the sides

[amazon link=”B08DCY6GJ4″ value=”title”]

[amazon box=”B08DCY6GJ4″]

Presenting a mini pool table set with complete accessories that is a small version of the original pool table. It is a perfect gift for holidays, Christmas, kids, and adults especially during the pandemic where it is better to avoid using public gaming zones.

You can carry this cute little billiard gaming set anywhere you wish to play. It is the safest way to enjoy the sport outdoors or indoors with family and friends.

Make your home a gaming zone in the bedroom, dining room, living room, backyard, etc. Teach your kids the joy of billiards in the comfort of your home.

Practice your shots to help you aim perfectly without losing out on gaming nights. The mini pool table set comes in the dimensions of 38*20*9 inches and the playfield is 31*18*8 inches (78cms*45cms*23cms).

Small and compact, it is very easy to store underneath furniture or bed, etc. All you need to play the game is a partner and a sturdy table slightly bigger than the mini pool table.

The edges of the table are rounded for safety, especially for kids. All four legs have anti-slip cushion padding.

The pool table comes with a racking triangle, two cues, billiard balls, cue chalk, and a billiard brush. It also includes a screwdriver and assembly instructions.

  • 38-inch mini pool table
  • Includes accessories like cues, billiard balls, chalk, brush, and triangle
  • Easy to assemble the legs
  • Anti-slip padding
  • The legs do not come pre-assembled. They need to be screwed together.
  • Expensive compared to other mini pool table sets

[amazon link=”B082T4JBGF” value=”title”]

[amazon box=”B082T4JBGF”]

Presenting a mini tabletop game set for adults and kids by ‘Srenta’. It is available in the dimensions of 14.21*9.57*3.19 inches and weighs a mere 3.3 pounds.

It is a perfect sport set that the whole family can enjoy. Kids will love it as it is sturdy, durable, and won’t break easily

Make playing time fun and exciting along with family bonding over a game of pool. You can give it as a thoughtful gift to your family and friends as it is very useful during lockdown and pandemic times.

All you need is a tabletop to set your pool table anywhere in the house. Create your own special place by converting your dining table, living room, bedroom or backyard into a gaming zone area.

Small and portable you can carry it anywhere outdoors or indoors easily. You can also store it up easily as it does not require a lot of space.

Perfect your aims and teach your toddlers the art of billiard sports.

The set includes billiard balls, two cues, a triangle, and a cue chalk.

The table is a small version of the original table with the same high-quality wood and green tabletop. The balls and cues size are in coordination with the size and weight of the table.

  • Economical
  • Lightweight
  • High-quality wood
  • Attractive green velvet tablecloth
  • Compact and portable
  • Easy to store
  • The set does not include a brush
  • The balls are difficult to remove from the pocket

[amazon link=”B00NFJYKXQ” value=”title”]

[amazon box=”B00NFJYKXQ”]

Franklin presents a five-in-one sports tabletop that can be used to play five games. Available in the dimensions of 22.44*2.17*14.57, it weighs 3.4 pounds.

You can play bowling, mini tabletop billiards, hockey, basketball, and soccer. The board game easily converts into whichever game you wish to play and includes all the required accessories.

Now you can cater to the sports preferences of all your family members on one board. Playing mini-pool with family and friends is joyous and exciting.

People of all ages can participate in fun game time. Compact and portable, you can play in any room indoors or outdoors.

It does not require a lot of space. The five games board is a perfect alternative to mobile video games and can be enjoyed anywhere anytime.

You do need any batteries or any extra accessories. The mini pool gaming set includes all the required accessories like two cues, billiard balls, and a triangle.

  • Five sports in one tabletop game
  • Attractive
  • Compact and portable
  • Easy to store
  • Includes all accessories required to play the five games.
  • The accessories are really small and can cause choking if ingested by pets or small kids.
  • No built-in scoreboard for any of the games.
  • The material of the balls is low quality
  • A lot of accessories are made of cardboard

So these are the best mini pool tables that you can consider getting.

Things to consider when buying a Mini Pool Table

A pool table is a wonderful alternative to mobile and computer games and brings the family together for “us” time. People of all ages can play this sport and perfect their aiming shots.

Sports is a pleasure you must take into for joy and happiness. It takes your mind off and also ensures a time well spent.

Let us look into the things you should look out for while buying the mini pool gaming set


Every good thing comes with a price! While you browse through different gaming sets and consider different prices, I must warn you- the cheap sets coming in the category of 10-19 dollars is just not worth it.

While it may make your mouth water and help your budget, what fun will a cheap mini pool toy be that cannot be used for pleasure and sports?

It will be money wasted and good only for decor, not for real pool games.

For the best playing experience, look out for the mini pool sets above the 25 dollars range. I would recommend between 25-85 dollars depending on your budget.

This way you will get a genuine product as the company selling the mini pool will also give you good features and superior craftsmanship to justify their price.

Built of the table

Every table has a different framework as the brands tend to bring in their uniqueness and style. Dear readers, don’t be fooled by brands and instead watch out carefully for the features it includes.

For one, go for the set that is a mini version of the original pool. The same material, make and ability of the ball to bounce back from the sides is a must.

Some good boards come with premium rubber bumpers for good playability.

Do not go for the table that has legs for the ability to be stable and sturdy will rest on the four corners. Instead, choose one without legs for a stable, well-balanced surface.

It will leave you free from the worry of your or your kid’s hand weight on the cue causing a disbalance.

If you have played pool before, you will also agree that it is very important for the ball to rest on a stable surface. Some boards offer good padding at the base for added stability.

Go for a wooden framework or a wood grain frame that is sand polished so that there are no chances of splinters.

Avoid the table with rough or sharp corners. It is better if the table comes pre-assembled from the factory as it will give you a strong and sturdy surface. It will also protect you from unnecessary screwing up.

As I have stressed before, it should be a mini version of the original pool table. The fabric should be the same fine velvet that offers flow to the balls and a mild resistance.

As for the length and width, a large space will give you more space to play. Some good dimensions are 51*13 (L*W), 40*20(L*W), etc.

Height varies according to boards, but a standard good enough height is 5.6 inches.

On a one-to-one, I wouldn’t mind the board being a bit weighty as that would mean more sturdiness and use of a good wooden framework.

However, it all depends on your preference and if you prefer a lightweight board, go for it. However please remember that good craftsmanship and stability means a bit of weight.

One more thing you can look out for is the size of the net hole. Your hand should be able to go for collecting the ball. If you struggle to take the ball out, the game will no longer be fun.

What comes with a mini pool table?

The mini pool table comes with the following accessories

  • A colorful ball set -15 balls
  • One white ball
  • Two cues
  • Chalk for cues
  • A resin triangle
  • A table brush

Make sure to purchase the set with the ball material same as that of the original pool balls.

The size of the ball and the cues should be in proportion to the table. If the ball size is too large for the board, the pool table will just become a toy or decor with all your money wasted away.

If it is too small, it ends up rolling off automatically with the slightest pressure. A diameter of 1 inch and more is good enough.

The net size should be larger than the ball size. If the balls are small, keep them away from pets and small toddlers for fear of ingestion.

The same applies to the cues. It should be in proportion to the size of the table. Go for the one that looks like a mini version of the original.

The wood should also be finished smoothly to avoid splinters. A little weight on the cues offers better control.

With all the above information in your kitty, you can now easily select the best mini pool table for you. All the best!

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