What Cue Tips Do the Pros Use?

Having a pool pro who you emulate is one of the best ways to become a successful pool player. When emulating a pro player, you will strive to play the game exactly as they do. This means learning the cue tips that they use and using them in your game. 

For this reason, most people often ask, “What cue tips do the pros use?”

Read the rest of this article to answer this question and learn more about the ideal cue tips.

What Cue Tips Do the Pros Use?

Generally, there is no specific cue tip that all pros use. Instead, their preferences for cue tips differ just as their playing skills are different.

They have different preferences on specifics such as hardness, size, and specific use, among others.

Additionally, other pros use the cue tips manufactured by the company sponsoring them. Either way, the cue tips the pros play with have a minor contribution to their success. 

Instead, extensive practice is the leading cause of their success.

Therefore, even after you land the tip that your favorite pro uses, it takes more than having this tip for you to become a pro pool player.

What Makes a Pro-Level Cue Tip?

Although cue tips may have different characteristics due to the companies that manufacture them, they have some general similarities.

These similarities are what pro players pay attention to when choosing a good cue tip. They include:


Cue tip hardness varies from super soft to extra hard. The hardness of the tip that the player settles for depends on their style of play.

However, most of the pros go for the hard tips. This is because the hard tips do not stay at the cue ball as much as the softer tips.

This means that the hard tips have fewer spins and are more liable to miscue when striking the ball. 

Additionally, the hard tips are durable and require less maintenance. They also offer a more consistent play.

The Durability of the Cue Tip

Generally, most pro players do not worry much about the durability of a cue tip.

This is especially if they promote a specific company and get new tips almost after every game.

Nevertheless, they recommend the use of durable cue tips, which are the hard tips. You can use these tips for long and with minimal maintenance due to their density.

Size of The Tip

Cue tips are available in different sizes ranging from 12mm to 14mm. Pro players have different views on the ideal size tip. However, the most recommendable tip is the 13mm tip.

This is the standard measurement for cue tips that helps players achieve an extra spin.


Consistency is one of the essential skills in a cue tip. Pro players try out different tips until they finally land on the most consistent tip.

However, consistency is more about the skills a player has in the game and not always about the tip that you are using.

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Common Cue Tip Brands That Pros Use

Some of the tips that you are more likely to find pros using in their games are:

Kamui Clear Black Tip

If you are looking for a cue tip without minding the cost, Kamui clear black tip is a good option.

Kamui Clear Black Cue Tip - Medium - Single Tip

These cue tips are manufactured by a Japanese company that specializes in premium pool products.

It is made using a Japanese pigskin which produces leather with the most consistent layers. Pros love these brands since the tips are manufactured to reduce deflection and excellent positional shots.

There is a shield at the base of the tip that prevents the leather from coming into contact with the glue. The size of the Kamui clear black tip is 14mm and has a soft density.

This is why it is one of the most used tips by pros today.

Pros of Kamui Clear Black Tip

  • Made using high-quality leather
  • Provides consistency performance
  • Holds chalk brilliantly
  • It is durable
  • It maintains its shape and form even after a while


  • It is expensive
  • Has only one tip

Predator Victory Tips

Predator victory tips are made by the predator company; a company that has been in the market for the last 25 years.

Predator Victory Hard Cue Tip

They manufacture tips of all levels of hardness, ranging from soft to hard. 

Pros love this tip due to its bright colour, making it ideal for use even in a poor light environment.

Additionally, the tip is durable and requires minimal maintenance. Therefore, it is an ideal choice if you are working on a budget.


  • Gives great performance
  • Suitable for use in low-light surroundings
  • Durable build quality
  • It is easy to install the tip.


  • Has only one tip
  • The tip could be too hard, making it difficult to play

Elk Master 13mm Pool Billiard Cue Tips

The Elk Master cue tip is manufactured by a company that has been in operation for the last 85 years.

Elk Master 13mm Pool Billiard Cue Tips (5 Tips)

They are among the best-selling cue tips, primarily due to their soft design.

Pros love Elk master 13mm pool billiard cue tips because they help them achieve an extra spin on the cue ball since it has an excellent grip on the chalk. Miscuing is, therefore, a rare worry when using these tips.

The cue tips are made from a single strip of leather which makes them require regular grooming. Additionally, the tip needs other maintenance practices, such as shaping after using it for several games.

It is an excellent tip to buy when you are on a budget since it is cheap and does not compromise quality.


  • It is affordable
  • You get five tips
  • You have a remarkable control
  • Allows players to achieve an extra spin


  • Needs regular maintenance

Honbay Pool Cue Tips

Honbay pool cue tips are some of the toughest cue tips available in the market.

HONBAY 10pcs 13mm Pool Billiard Cue Stick Tips

For this reason, when using these cue tips, you do not worry about mushrooming easily.

The cue tips are made from old leather, which helps offer excellent toughness. Additionally, the tips provide excellent cue ball control. 


  • It has a durable cue tip
  • It gives a nice spin to the ball
  • Exceptional value
  • Affordable


  • Not as fun to play with compared to other more expensive tips

Collapsar Pool Cue Tips

Collapsar pool cue tips are tips known to offer maximum value. These tips come in a set of six pieces. It’s hardness ranges from hard, medium, and soft.

Collapsar 6pcs 14mm Black Multiple Layer Pigskin Pool Cue Tips H M S (S)

The tip is popular among players since it adds an extra spin to the cue ball. In addition, it holds chalk properly and does maintain its shape even without regular maintenance.

Collapsar is fairly priced, making it one of the best choices to go for if you are on a budget.


  • It is of good quality and does not lose its shape
  • It has an incredible value
  • Provides excellent control over the cue ball


  • Its soft tips could be much softer than expected.

The cue tips mentioned above are some of the most common tips among pro players. In addition, most of them sponsor specific players to play using their tips, thus promoting the business.

Other ideal cue tips that you can consider buying are:

Triangle Cue Tip

The tips are crafted from unique chrome-tanned leather.

TRIANGLE CUE Tips 13mm - Box of 50

This makes them hard enough, as the pro players would love them to be. Additionally, they have a coarse grain which helps the tip to have a hard edge and density.

The size of the triangle cue tip ranges from 12mm to 14mm.

Le Pro Tip

Le pro tip is a favourite to many pros due to its ideal density.

Le Pro Pool Cue Stick Tips - 13 MM - Set of 10

However, it is also hard enough, making it best for professionals and not suitable for beginners.

The tips come in a set of 25 tips, each measuring 13mm.

Moori Laminated Billiard Cue Tip

This is another cue tip made in Japan and made from selected pigskin leather.

Moori IV Laminated Pool Billiard CUE TIP - Quick (13 mm)

This gives the tip great gripping abilities, more spin, and an optimized cue ball control, and its sizes range from 12mm to 14mm. 

In addition, the tips have great chalk retention, which explains why pro players will want to play with them. However, it is not recommendable for players at the beginner level.

What Cue Tips are the Professional Pool and Snooker Players using?

  • Rodney Morris – Triangle tips
  • Scoot Frost – Moori medium
  • Mila Immonen – Kamui black soft
  • Jayson Shaw – Kamui black medium
  • Van Boening – Brown Kamui Hard
  • Dennis Orcollo – Tiger’s sniper
  • Earl Strickland – Moori Quick
  • Corey Deuel – elk master milk dud
  • Yukio Akagariyama – Kamui BLACK S
  • Efren – ElkmasterSVB
  • Mike Dechaine – Predator victory tip
  • Appleton – Kamui Black
  • S. SVB – Kamui Brown M
  • Tomoko Kubota – Kamui ORIGINAL SS
  • Niels Feijen – Kamui ORIGINAL S
  • Florian kohler – Kamui BLCK SS
  • Shannon Daulton – Blackhearts
  • Tony Robles – Kamui tips
  • Larry Nevel – Kamui tips
  • David Howard – blackish Le pros
  • Jimmy Mataya – blackish Le pros
  • Wade crane – blackish Le pros
  • Jeremy sossei -Kamui tips
  • Buddy Hall – blackish Le pros
  • Tony Robles – Kamui tips
  • Chris Szuter – elk master
  • Nick Varner – blackish Le pros
  • Jim Rempe – blackish Le pros
  • Jack Heinz – blackish Le pros
  • David Howard – blackish Le pros
  • Jose Parica – elk master
  • Dee Adkins – Le pro


It is almost impossible to point out a single cue tip and say that it is the most used by pros.

However, most of the brands that pros players use have similar characteristics that make them excellent.

Invest in these brands and practice more to improve your current level in the pool games.

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