Mizerak Dynasty Space Saver Pool Table Review

One of the major issues of getting a pool table is that it takes up too much space. A full-sized pool table can require a good amount of space.

It’s not just about the pool table either. More clearance space is needed depending on the size of the cue sticks being used.

That’s why the acceptable room size for pool tables starts with 10 feet of clearance space and can go up to 19 feet or more.

It’s easy to see that not everyone has the room available for pool tables then. That’s why something smaller and more compact like the Mizerak Dynasty Space Saver pool table is the perfect option.

Mizerak Dynasty Space Saver Pool Table Review

Mizerak Dynasty Space Saver Pool Table

Also known as the Dynasty, this pool table aims to offer pool and billiard players the chance to play their favorite game anywhere.

Mizerak Dynasty Space Saver 6.5' Billiard Table with Leg...
  • 6.5' space saver design fits in smaller rooms
  • Leg levelers for perfectly even playing surface
  • Automatic ball return - quickly reset games

It’s shorter and more compact and requires less space than traditional pool tables. It also comes with unique features that make it a great buy.

Key Features at a Glance

  • Designed to fit in small rooms (at homes, bars, restaurants or recreational centers)
  • Has a bamboo wood laminate finish on the body and black corner accents
  • Comes with a green nylon cloth on the playfield that gives a classic appearance

Special Features

  • Has an automatic ball return system integrated into the table
  • Comes with leg levelers for increased stability
  • Has a double-sealed MDF play-bed for maximum playability

Specifications and Dimensions

  • 69.9 x 34.8 x 9.5 inches
  • 300 pounds (when assembled)
  • Shipping weight: 190.2 pounds

The compact size of this pool table is one of its biggest selling points.

The pool table comes at a modest 6.5 feet in size.

This ensures that the room space is not as big an issue with this option as it is when you’re thinking of purchasing other pool tables. The entire design of the pool table is meant for comfort and ease.

Mizerak Dynasty Space Saver Pool Table Review

It comes with disc-based leg levelers that are adjustable. With this feature, you can also level the table properly.

To prevent any wobbling and to increase the stability of the pool table, the table legs come with cross supports.

The pool table also has rubber cushions all around the perimeter of its play bed. These offer amazing rebound and speed as well as improve the accuracy of shots.

The table has 5.5-inch rails that are not only very durable, but they are also perfect for when you are making rebound shots.

Unlike other pool tables, the Dynasty uses nylon cloth material instead of the traditional felt. However, the verdant green color evokes the same classic look of a billiard table.

It is also double sealed which ensures that the MDF play bed does not warp or roll unnecessarily when playing on it.

Accessories with the Pool Table

To top it all off, the Mizerak Dynasty Space Saver pool table also comes with additional accessories. Purchasing the Mizerak Dynasty pool table will give you the following:

  • Billiard Balls – These are a set of classic billiard balls that also includes a cue ball.
  • Cue Sticks – You don’t have to get smaller sticks for use. The Dynasty comes with 2 Mizerak cue sticks for players.
  • Chalk – This is needed for the cue stick and you get 1 cube of chalk.
  • Triangle – Made out of plastic, it’s black in color and very high quality.
  • Brush – Maintain the table cloth and keep it in good condition with this pool table brush.

Some Assembly Required

It should be noted that the table is shipped in a dismantled state for ease in shipping and transportation.

When bought, the table does require assembly but the instructions are simple and easy. Many people have been able to get their table up and ready within the hour.

Given all these features, it is easy to see that this table is perfect for beginners and seasoned players alike.

Before you buy the Mizerak Dynasty Space Saver pool table, it’s a good idea to be smart and look at the pros and cons.

This will allow you to make an educated decision when buying this pool table.

The following are some of the major pros and cons that you can experience with this table:

The Pros of the Mizerak Dynasty Pool Table

The Mizerak Dynasty is a much-loved pool table because it has the following pros to offer:

Comes with Usable Accessories

When you buy the pool table, you get some free accessories to use with the table, including two cues, a billiard ball set and chalk cube, brush, and a triangle too.

All these accessories make it the perfect starter kit for amateur players. It is especially useful if you are on a budget and can’t spend more on separate accessories.

Has Leg Levelers

The Dynasty comes with custom-built, disc leg levelers. These are adjustable and can be tweaked to ensure that you have the most level table setting.

They also ensure that if the table is placed on a slope, you can still correct the angle of the incline with the help of the leg levelers.

Can Fit in Small Homes

The best part about the Dynasty is that it can fit in small rooms anywhere. Even homes of 650 square feet can have this pool table in it.

Additionally, the size of the pool table means that the clearance space doesn’t have to be up to 10 feet.

Has a Double Sealed MDF Play-Bed

Many pool tables have issues with pilling or warping of the table cloth. This can make the game-play annoying and ruin good shots.

With the Mizerak Dynasty pool table, you don’t have this issue at all. The table features an MDF play-bed that has been double sealed to avoid this.

Double sealing prevents the cloth from warping and gives a consistent roll. This adds to the game-play experience, making it more enjoyable.

Automatic Ball Return System

You no longer have to fish the balls out of the pockets once the game is over. The Dynasty has an automatic ball return system.

The pockets are rail integrated and the billiard balls collect at the end of the pool table.

Mizerak Dynasty Space Saver Pool Table Review

This makes it easy to reset and start another game. It also ensures that after a game is finished; all the balls are properly stored in one area.

The Cons of the Mizerak Dynasty Space Saver Pool Table

While the Mizerak Dynasty Space Saver pool table has a lot of pros, it also has some very noticeable cons.

The following are some of the major cons associated with this pool table:

Poor Ball Return System

The pool table has an in-built automatic ball return system but many people have found it to be a bit glitchy.

The rail system is known to often trap the billiard balls inside the table. It then requires someone to reach inside and clear the blockage so that the system works properly.

The integrated rails also have sharp angles that can easily scratch or mark the billiard balls.

Plus, people have also scratched their arms or hands when attempting to dislodge or clear the blockage caused.

The Table Cover Gets Worn Down Very Easily

As previously mentioned, the Mizerak Dynasty Space Saver pool table features a nylon cover instead of the traditional felt.

While Mizerak claims that it improves the playability, the nylon has been known to wear down extremely quickly. Many users have claimed that within weeks, holes, and tears have started to appear on their pool tables.

Care needs to be taken when playing as rough usage will cause tears very easily.

This ruins its usability with beginners or someone just learning how to play the game as they are more likely to damage the nylon.

Can’t be Re-Felted

If the nylon cloth starts to get too worn down, you’ll be surprised to know that the Mizerak Dynasty Space Saver pool table cannot be re-felted.

Once the nylon is worn out, you will have to get the entire table replaced. This is a heavy expense to deal with, especially since the nylon starts to wear down within weeks of purchase.

Luckily, replacements made within the window of Mizerak’s satisfaction guarantee will be done at a limited cost to the person.

Doesn’t Feel as Good to Play On

Seasoned billiard players will be used to playing on top quality pool tables. In comparison to those, the Dynasty can feel sub-par to play on.

The nylon cover makes the roll of balls much slower than the rolls on felt. Many players have had to adapt their playing style to play on this table.

It’s not always a fun experience to do that and seasoned players would probably prefer getting something else.

Final Thoughts on the Mizerak Dynasty Space Saver Pool Table

If you love playing pool but are restricted by space or wish to teach your kids this wonderful game, the Mizerak Dynasty Space Saver pool table is perfect. Its stylish design also makes it very aesthetically pleasing for most homes.

Given the limited space that most people are dealing with, the Dynasty space saver is a reasonable choice that gives good value for money in terms of accessories and features.

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