Brunswick Contender Pool Table Review

The pool table industry is rapidly evolving. As of now, an increasingly large number of manufacturers are ditching the usual wooden tables for highly futuristic designs that are made using aluminum and other metal alloys. The surface areas are made of Formica and wood laminates.

However, there is something to be said about the timeless appeal of the traditional wooden pool table. This is the part where the Brunswick Contender Pool Table comes into the picture. Built along lines of rich elegance, it creates an aura of luxury and class wherever it is placed.

Brunswick Contender Pool Table Review

And speaking of luxury, the Brunswick Contender pool table is an absolutely wonderful example of meticulous craftsmanship.

The table is a veritable work of art due to its traditional carving, its rich polish and styling, beautiful craftsmanship, and the one hundred percent leather pockets. It is also available in many different vibrant colors available to suit the décor of the room.

In fact, the table offers a lot more than great entertainment value alone because it is also a really classy piece of furniture.

The design of the pool table is evidence enough that it has been built with extreme care and it also easily satisfies all the key requirements of the game.

Slate Construction

The Brunswick Contender table has been well-constructed with a solid slate that is initially assembled in three pieces. The slate playing surface itself is constructed out of a one-inch slab whose surface area has been diamond honed to perfection.

Brunswick 8 Foot Danbury Pool Table with Green Contender Cloth...
  • Brunswick Danbury -
  • Brunswick Danbury -
  • Brunswick Danbury -

Once the honing process is complete, it is polished to within one-hundredth of an inch tolerance. As far as tables go, it does not get better than this and you will have the smoothest and the very best surface possible.

This will in turn effectively ensure that the table will have a very soft and smooth ball travel when compared to any pool table commercially available today.

The overall playing surface is a 7 by 25 blend of the very finest wool and nylon finishes that are currently available in the market.

The bed or playing surface of the table has been steamed and hydraulically pressed under well over 2500 pounds of pressure(PSI). This is done in order to make the playing surface the very best that it can be while retaining its structural integrity.

Felt Options

The felt can be custom ordered in a wide variety of different colors that include the following:

  • Summer Forest
  • Sahara
  • Brunswick Green
  • Dull Platinum
  • Timberline
  • Ebony
  • Stone
  • Midnight Blue
  • Matt Olive
  • Oceanside and
  • Merlot

The extremely high quality of the custom felt mated to the diamond honed slate, makes for the fastest and the smoothest playing surface that you will be able to find on a commercially available pool table.

Product Specifications

The total playing area of the Brunswick contender pool table is approximately 44 X 88 inches. The overall dimensions are 55 wide by 99 long. The table extends up to a full length of 8 feet and it has an arched base-frame design.

Steel Reinforced Side Pockets

The pool table’s deep side pockets are made of excellent quality fringed leather that has been stained to match the sides of the pool table.

This way, the pockets will not stand out and look ungainly but would become a discreet part of the background.

All the pockets are steel-reinforced, so there is no chance of the heavy wooden or phenolic resin balls ripping through the pocket.

Brunswick Contender Pool Table Review Sidepockets

Legs and Other Furniture

The legs of the Brunswick contender pool table are carved from blocks of wood. There is no laminate, Formica or other artificial wood finishing’s involved in the table’s construction.

The legs are carved in the old-fashioned Queen Ann style of antique furniture and this style continues all the way through to the upper portion of the whole table. The whole game table is finished in well-polished and traditional chestnut wood.

Brunswick 8 Foot Danbury Pool Table with Green Contender Cloth...
  • Brunswick Danbury -
  • Brunswick Danbury -
  • Brunswick Danbury -

This meticulous attention to detail is reflected in the quality of the carving of both the claw legs and the sides of the table. You wouldn’t be able to resist showing this table off to both your pool playing friends as well as people who have an eye for aesthetically appealing furniture.

The Brunswick Contender pool table makes for an excellent platform for playing the sport. The balls seem to just simply glide on its super smooth and plush surface. The resin balls that come with it are every bit as smooth as the table and they react very well to topspin and English gameplay.

The table comes with the Contender colored woolen cloth which is trademarked by the company. And it will definitely be a welcome addition to an already magnificent game room. The wooden rails give the table greater overall stability even as the pearlized and diamond-shaped sights add that unmistakable touch of flair to the whole piece.


The table comes well equipped with its very own Brunswick trademarked Contender Play Package that typically includes the following items:

  • A set of standard resin billiard balls
  • A total of four 58 inch Contender duel piece cues
  • One-piece black plastic 8 ball rack or triangle
  • A two-piece bridge stick
  • A portable bridgehead
  • A plastic table brush, and finally
  • Twelve pieces of chalk


The table comes with a lifetime warranty so that you will be able to get it fixed in the extremely rare event that something goes wrong with it.

However, trying to install the unit on your own will almost certainly void the warranty so make sure that you get the duly skilled and trained Brunswick technicians to set up the table. You should also call them whenever you want your table to move to a different location.

What we liked about the Brunswick Contender Pool Table

  • The table is made of actual wood and has an elegant and luxurious finish that is largely impervious to small stains and blemishes.
  • The design of the table will fit any large game room
  • This table is suitable for both homes and clubs
  • The table comes with an arched base frame, carved corners and clawed legs for maximum stability, even when you put your full weight on the table
  • It comes with Brunswick’s own contender woolen cloth that is available in many different and vibrant color options
  • It also includes Brunswick Play Package as part of the deal

What’s not so great

  • The table is a bit expensive
  • If you try to install it yourself or even move it to another place, it can void the lifetime warranty of this table
  • The table can only be installed with the help of a very high-torque bolted machine

Final Words

The Brunswick contender pool table has been built to satisfy even the most hardcore pool and billiard enthusiasts in each and every aspect of the game.

The carefully selected materials that have been used for its construction serves to ensure that it is not only pleasing to the eye but also extremely durable as well.

With its top of the line premium characteristics and its sheer beauty, you can rest assured that this table will hold the honor of becoming the centerpiece of your entire play-room.

Buy one today to enjoy countless hours of gameplay.

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