Harvil 8-Foot Slate Pool Table Review

Harvil is one of the most popular and trusted manufacturers of high-quality pool tables.

Their pool tables are popular in both household playrooms, as well as commercial settings.

These tables are known for their sturdiness and durability. In this review, we shall take a look at the specs of the Galaxy 8-foot pool table by Harvil, so let’s begin.

Harvil 8-Foot Slate Pool Table Review

Harvil “Galaxy” 8 Foot Pool Table

The Galaxy 8 foot pool table by Harvil is one of the finest pool tables out there. These tables are specially designed to fulfill the needs of pool players who possess an eye for quality.

Harvil 8-Foot Slate Pool Table - Galaxy. Includes On-Site...
  • PREMIUM SLATE SURFACE - This pool table uses a quality 3 piece slate that...
  • MODERN DESIGN - This billiard table is made of cabinet-grade wood with a...

Two features of this wonderful pool table that make it stand out are its perfectly honed 3 piece slate, and soft felt, covered on a surface, the thickness of which isn’t more than an inch.

Furthermore, it contains metal accents, black matte tops rail, pedestal legs in box-style, drop pockets, and chrome-plated levelers. Moreover, this table comes with a full set of pool accessories.

Let’s discuss the specs in detail.

High-Quality Slate Surface

A majority of the substandard pool tables available in the market are made of wood. They are light, cheap and easy to move from place to place. However, wood is not the surface that provides ball control during a game of pool.

Furthermore, wood reacts badly to weather changes, expands when it is warm, vice versa. Slate, on the other hand, is a stable material that makes your game more enjoyable.

The Galaxy 8 foot pool table by Harvil consists of 3 layers of slate, which provide immense stability and ball control. As important as the material of the table is the felt on which the game is played.

The felt used on this pool table is made up of more than 70% wool and 25% of it is made of nylon blend fabric. This fabric combination sustains faster shots and rough play, with great ease.

Sometimes, people tend to spill food and drinks on their pool table felt, which leaves nasty stains, on an otherwise beautiful pool felt.

The felt used on the Harvil Galaxy 8 foot pool table doesn’t develop stains, for it has been prewashed in stain-resistant chemicals before it is applied to the table. With this table in your game room, you don’t need to worry about unsightly stains blemishing the look of your pool table felt.

Most pool table manufacturers out there are not that creative with the colors of felt applied to pool tables. As a result, you are left with the old school green pool felt, which looks boring and bland.

Luckily, this isn’t the case with Harvil. The Harvil Galaxy pool table felt comes with 4 different color variations, i.e. blue, green, grey, red and camel which you can see in the picture above. As a result, you can be as creative and funky as you want to be with your pool felt.

The Innovative Design

For a while now, pool table manufacturers are transforming the ways pool tables were built in the early days. The Harvil Galaxy 8 foot pool table is the perfect manifestation of what a futuristic pool table looks like.

This elegantly designed pool table has a sleek and elegant look, which makes it the perfect pool table for residential as well as commercial settings.

The cabinet-grade wood used in the fabulous table is combined with an amazing matte laminate, which is black. On top of that are the metal accidents, which add to the looks, as well as the comfort of this pool table.

The fiber wood rails used in this pool table are 6 inches in density, and with k-66 rubber cushions, make playing even more comfortable and convenient.

Unlike most old-fashioned pool tables, this pool table comes with drop pockets, which lead the balls into a storage compartment. One can easily retrieve the balls after a game is over.

A common issue with pool tables is that of foundation stability. However, with this fascinating table from Harvil, stability is something you mustn’t worry about.

The box-style pedestal legs provide this table with unparalleled strength and posture, thus allowing you to play your natural game without worrying about exerting extra pressure.

A Complete Set of Accessories

The Harvil Galaxy pool table is an all in one package. After you order one for your game room, you don’t need to go out shopping for pool accessories.

Unlike ordinary pool manufacturers, with the Galaxy pool table, Harvil offers you a complete set of accessories. This set of accessories contains 4 58 inches long cues. These cues are made up of 100% original Canadian maple wood, which gives strength and accuracy to your shots.

Harvil 8-Foot Slate Pool Table Review

It also contains a 57-inch long stick with a copper bridgehead. The pool balls in this set are made according to international standards. It also comes with a Roman-style wall hanging cue rack with extra slots of two more cues, making them 6 in total.

To keep this table clean, the set contains two different types of pool table felt brushes. To arrange the balls before a game, the set contains two different types of racks. To keep the pool table safe, they give you a tale cover made up of genuine PVC.


Below are the dimensions of the Harvil 8-Foot Slate Pool Table:

Table Dimensions

  • Length: 100 inches
  • Height: 31.5 inches
  • Width: 56.5 inches

Playing Field Dimensions

  • Length: 88.25 inches
  • Width: 44.25 inches


  • 781 pounds


The pool table with all its accessories is delivered to your doorstep.

Within the 2 year warranty period, any defect can be repaired, and any defective piece can be replaced, free of charge.

Delivery and Installation

As discussed above, the table and its accessories are delivered at your doorstep. However, once dispatched from the factory, the shipment will reach an installer that has been certified by Dazadi.

The shipment will sit safely at the installer’s until they make you a phone call. The purpose of the phone call is to schedule an appointment for the installation of the pool table.

After you give them a go-ahead, the installer will deliver the table at your doorstep, and install it on the spot. Delivery and installation of the pool table will take somewhere between 4 and 6 weeks since the order is placed.

Remember, delivery will not be made if you are located somewhere is Puerto, Hawaii, Rico, Alaska, and other US cities requiring ferry service. However, to have the shipment delivered and installed, you will have to pay some extra charges.


The Galaxy 8 foot pool table by Harvil is one of the finest pool tables in the marketplace. They are well built, stout and long-lasting. The three layers of slate bless your game with accuracy and control.

The felt is prewashed in stain-resistant chemicals, so there is no need to worry about filthy stains ruining your tables. However, to keep the felt safe from dust, make sure to cover the table up with the PVC cover that comes with it.

Before and after playing, don’t forget to clean the felt with the brushes contained within the accessory set.

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