How to Decorate a Game Room with a Pool Table? IDEAS!

Whether your pool table is installed at your home or the workplace, you just want to have fun playing pool at the end of the day.

If you have bought a pool table, you might be wondering how to place it in the game room to create a lively atmosphere.

To get some ideas on how to decorate the game room with Pool table, keep reading this blog.

With these tips, you can create a game room so cool that everyone would want to hang out there playing pool for hours.

Measure the Game Room

Measuring the game room may not be fun, but it is important that you properly measure the room to know everything, including décor furniture and other items that can be added there.

Do not skip this important step as it will lead to problems later on.

You should identify the space left after placing the pool table in the room. The pool table should ideally be at the center of the room. The surrounding space can be used for decorating the game room.

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A bit of smart advice is to write down the room measurements in a notebook. This will ensure that you know the exact measurements when shopping for décor pieces for the game room.

Knowing the exact available space will help you avoid the mistake of buying items that won’t fit in the game room.

Design a Multi-Purpose Room

You should consider adding other elements in the pool room so that everyone can enjoy themselves.

Here are some things you can consider adding to the game room.

Pinball Machines

The era of pinball machines will never come to an end. Pinball is everyone’s favorite game, no matter their age.

So, why not add a retro pinball machine to the game room?

It can also serve as a great focal point for the game area. Opt for traditional or international versions, such as Pachinko, for the game area.

Game Tables

An octagon or a round table with seating for two players is best for playing backgammon, scrabbles, checkers, chess, and other board games.

Consider adding four to five game tables (if space allows), along with comfortable chairs or a sofa.

When selecting tables for the game room, make sure that they are well-built, durable, and attractive. Avoid using plastic or a table with the company logo because they can get damaged easily.

Instead, go for a vintage or custom game table that will make the room look more interesting. Needless to say, the chairs should complement the table.

Classic Games

You can also add classic games to the game room.

These games may include darts, air hockey, and ping pong. Foosball and shuffleboard are also classic games that can take fun to the next level.

Arcade Games

If your wallet and space allow, you can also add classic video arcade games like PackMan, Mario, and Snake. Buy arcade games from Money Machines, eBay, and BMI Gaming.

You may also install an HDTV and add some chairs in the game room to entertain your guests.

Consider getting a wall mount HDTV so that everyone can enjoy watching TV in the game room. Also, buy a surround sound system to ensure the best sound quality.

Physical Activity

The game room should also have some space dedicated to physical activity.

One option is to get Wii Sports or you can have small gym equipment set up in the game room.

Kitchen Zone

A functional kitchen zone is a must-have feature of a game room, especially if you and your friends spend a lot of time playing pool there.

Install a microwave, water cooler, toaster, sink, and a mini-fridge in the game area. Your guests can prepare their favorite snacks whenever they are hungry after spending hours playing in the game room.

A vending machine, coffee maker and popcorn making machine are other fantastic additions for the game room.

Make Your Guests Feel Cozy

You want to make sure your guests feel comfortable in the game room. So buy high-quality chairs and a sofa so that your guests can hang out and relax for hours.

If you are entertaining a lot of people in a small space, it is important to choose seating that can double as a table.

Ottomans are recommended as they can serve as seats and a table. They are also easy to move around. You can also buy bean bag chairs and sectional sofas for the game room.

Attractive Décor for the Game Room

A game room containing the pool table should be an attractive and lively space. The décor of the room will affect the overall ambiance of the room.

Therefore, incorporate bright colors and unique designs that showcase your personality and make the game room stand out from other rooms.

Here are some tips to enhance the visual appeal of your game room:

Rustic Vibe

You can create a rustic vibe by getting wooden furniture. Similarly, you can select wall art that includes nature and trees.

The décor is ideal for people who want a classy look that is bold yet appealing at the same time.

Modern Décor

If you would rather go for modern décor, opt for a minimalistic design. Select white color for the walls and ceilings.

The furniture items should be sleek and classy. Go for abstract wall art that gives a modern vibe.

Classy Décor

A game room design that incorporates metal and gold accents gives off a classy vibe.

The light fixtures and furniture should have gold and metal accents.

Black leather recliners with gold accents are also recommended. The design is perfect for people with an elegant taste.

The walls can be dark grey or navy blue color, while the wall art can be light-colored to make it stand out on a dark wall.

The 60s’ Era Theme

Want to take the guests to the past? Consider a décor inspired by the 60s’ era with funky purple carpeting, bright yellow couch, and vibrant red color walls.

Bright red curtains will bring out the color of the pool table.

Select the Right Lighting

Lighting is an important element of any room, especially a game room with a pool table. Pool tables need overhead lighting so buy a multi-bulb light fixture that is designed for illuminating pool tables.

The fixtures are available in most hardware stores in fluorescent and incandescent models.

Lighting fixtures can range from the highly ornate to simple design ones. The room should have lots of lighting to make the room appear bright and lively.

Hide the Wiring

Make sure that all the wiring in the game room is hidden from sight. Hide the wires under the carpet or behind the shelves so that they don’t spoil the appearance of the room.

Avoid having the wires run across the room from a socket. Consider buying a high-quality extension cord to ensure that the wires remain hidden underneath carpets.

Get a dedicated wireless gaming router if you plan to offer online games to your guests. This will ensure that there are no unsightly LAN cables running around the room.

Take it Outside

Don’t have a large space to devote to recreational activities?

Consider installing bi-folding doors that open to the backyard. You can place additional recreational elements outside the room.

Bifolding doors have multiple panels that slide to the right or left. They help keep obstructions to a minimum and expand a room to the outside.

Invest in vinyl bi-folding doors instead of aluminum bi-fold doors. Vinyl doors require less maintenance and last a long time.

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Finishing Touches

Soundproofing the game room should not be overlooked. This will ensure that noises from the game room do not bother the neighbors.

Hire a contractor for basic soundproofing, which typically involves installing double or triple-paned windows and adding framing to the walls and ceilings.

Layers of insulating foam should be used that are designed to control noise. Additionally, wall-mounted acoustic panels and thick curtains also help minimize the noise level.

Last but not least, add a window-mounted air conditioner to negate heating issues in crowded spaces.


The design ideas presented in this article will help you in coming up with your own décor ideas for the game room. Remember the décor should reflect the personality and taste of the game owner.

Game rooms containing a pool table can be decorated in different styles. You can search for décor ideas on Google to find out more cool décor ideas for your game room.

You will find a range of décor ideas, including contemporary, retro, traditional, and more, to choose from. Of course, the deciding factor will be your budget, so do your research to make the right pick.

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