Hathaway Spartan 6′ Pool Table Review (Value for Money)

If you’re passionate about pool games, there’s nothing more satisfying than having a quality pool table at your home.

An elegant pool table not only lightens up your living space but also makes it an exciting place to live.

Hathaway Spartan Pool Table

However, the pool table you bring home should be good enough to make you feel proud when your friends visit you.

The Hathaway Spartan 6’ Pool Table is designed to offer just that, as well as to promise you an amazing gameplay experience.

Hathaway Spartan 6′ Pool Table Review

The Hathaway Spartan 6’ pool table makes for a stylish gaming center at your home.

The pool table features the perfect combination of compact size and quality designed with versatility and style in mind.

One of the most incredible things about this pool table is that it comes with a table tennis top to bring you another dimension of ultimate fun over the same space.

You get all the accessories for a pool game and table tennis, allowing you to enjoy every instant with your family or friends.

Hathaway Spartan Pool Table

Product Features

The Hathaway spartan 6’ pool table offers a tremendous gameplay combination of pool games and table tennis. You can keep switching between the two games to eliminate boredom.

Besides, if you have limited space or can’t afford two different tables for the two games, this product is created for you.

The table tennis top is reasonably lightweight so that you can install it on the frame without facing issues.

To offer a dazzling look, the playing surface of the pool table is made from black melamine in a modern, burgundy color.

Hathaway Spartan Pool Table

Added to this is the removable, jet-black table tennis top.

This pool table leaves other options behind with its beautiful blended felt and a poly-sealed playing surface.

On top of that, it makes use of the K819 rubber cushions, ensuring quick, smooth action that should normally last for years.

For kids, the mid-size pool table makes for ideal equipment to develop their skills in the game. As for the adults, its space-saving functionality, stylish design, and premium features are a big turn on.

What’s in the Box?

  • 1 x set of Pool balls
  • Pool Cues
  • Drop Pockets
  • Table Brush
  • Racking triangle
  • Table tennis top
  • 2 x Table tennis balls
  • 1 x Net and posts
  • 2 x Paddles


  • Table dimensions: 72-in L x 38-in W x 31-in H
  • Pool table playing playfield: 64-in L x 30-in W
  • Table Tennis playfield: 64-in L x 30-in W
Hathaway Spartan Pool Table

Important Tip

When planning your game room, make sure you account for 5 feet of space on all 4 sides around the pool table.

This is essential for a standard-sized 58″ pool cue.

Delivery and Installation

Whether you live in an apartment or a house, the pool table is delivered right at your doorstep with all the relevant accessories.

For installation, all you need is a partner who can help you place the table in the right position. The assembly won’t take more than 3 to 4 minutes.

Hathaway Spartan Pool Table Pros and Cons

  • An elegant looking pool table that adds to the aesthetics of your game room
  • 2-in-1 game options: Pool game and table tennis
  • Comes with all the accessories for both games
  • K819 rubber cushions allow for smooth action for longer
  • Ideal for those with limited space
  • Value for money
  • Some users complained that the cues were not up to the mark
  • Pool table size not large enough for adults
  • Small billiard balls

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some commonly asked questions people have about the Hathway Spartan pool table.

Is the Height of the Table Suitable for Kids?

The height of this pool table is around 3 feet from the ground. Hence, it should be perfect for kids.

How Does the Table Tennis Top Arrive Upon Delivery?

It’s packed in a large cardboard box. You’ll have to assemble with the net and posts when looking to play table tennis.

Can I Use This Pool Table Outdoors?

Unfortunately no, this pool table is meant for indoor use only. If you wish to keep it outdoors, buy a cover to protect it from extreme weather and wet conditions.

Can I Fold This Pool Table to Carry Somewhere?

Unfortunately, this pool table cannot be folded.

How Do I Replace the Worn-Out Cloth on My Pool Table?

Search for a felt online of your choice, buy it, and refer to a YouTube Video to understand the replacement process.

And if you find the process of replacing the felt a bit complicated, you can also hire professional help.

What Material Is Used for Pockets in This Table?

The pockets are made of plastic.

Does the Pool Table Come With Standard-Sized Billiard Balls?

The billiard balls that you receive are slightly smaller than the standard ones.

While standard sized billiard balls also work fine, you will have to purchase them separately.

Is It Possible to Increase the Height of the Table?

Yes, you can do that by using the levelers that can be screwed in and out of each leg. Nevertheless, the adjustment goes up to 2” at most.

If a Person Weighing 300 Lbs Leans or Sits on the Pool Table, Will It Remain Stable?

It is not recommended that anyone lean or sit/stand on the pool table since it weighs 100 lbs.

Any extra weight can cause the table to collapse. Since the table is not meant to hold that level of weight, it isn’t even weight-tested.

Instead of Using the Legs, Can I Place the Table on Another Table to Play and Slide It Under the Bed When Not Playing?

That is not recommended.

One problem is that the pool table is too heavy to handle that way.

Secondly, the base of the table helps maintain the top surface of the table as well as its strength. Lifting and sliding in that manner can damage the base.

Do the Balls Roll Down to the Corners or Stay in the Pockets?

You need to reach the pockets to get the balls out of the table.

Is MDF Material Used in the Pool Table? If So, How Thick Is It?

Yes, it has an MDF bed, which is 15mm thick.

Is Table Tennis Top Foldable?

Unfortunately no, it’s not foldable and comes in one piece.

Does This Pool Table Offer a Pool Returner?

Unfortunately no, you need to retrieve the balls manually.

Yet, it’s a great pool table for the price.

I Have Stairs Coming Up to My House. Can the Delivery Man Help in Assembling the Pool Table at My Home?

While you can assemble the table yourself, the delivery man can help you lift the table to its place for an additional fee.

Final Word

To sum it up, the Hathaway Spartan 6’ Pool Table proves an incredible purchase for those with a limited space and value versatility of gameplay. Its size may not be ideal for adults, but it certainly ensures a lot of fun for kids.

Considering that a pool game may not be as thrilling as many other games, you do have the option to convert it into a table tennis table by adding the included top.

Installation and assembly is not a problem either. We truly hope that this Hathaway spartan 6’ pool table review helps you in your purchase decision.

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