Imperial Outdoor Pool Table Review

The Imperial pool table making company is one of the most trusted brands around.

This time, they have created an absolute winner with their outdoor pool table.

Unlike many other competing products, this outdoor pool table is a very sturdy and durable table that will last for years on end.

Hathaway Spartan Pool Table

The 8 Feet Pool Table That Does It All!

Do you need a centerpiece for your game room? Well, the 8ft Imperial Outdoor Pool Table may be just the thing for you.

Not only is it ultra-modernistic, but it possesses an outdoor capability that most of the more fragile indoor pool tables can’t seem to handle.

Imperial 8' Outdoor Pool Table
  • 8-ft. outdoor pool table
  • Mostly assembled; just bolt on the legs and level to the surface;
  • Anodized aluminum rails and aluminum corners and legs

This is one pool table that you can actually place right next to your pool!

It has a very rugged and durable design that consists of an all-aluminum frame. The whole table is lacquered with a tough tan coating, created specifically for tackling the outside elements.

Hathaway Spartan Pool Table

This means that the table can survive the elements even during the most scorching summer days and also the odd rainy day.

Another great thing about this table is that it shipped in a pre-assembled form.

All you will need to do is bolt-on the legs of the table to the main playing platform itself. Once done, you can level them till they sit aligned to the ground.

The large leg-levelers that come as standard with the table also help to provide an added measure of stability.

They measure 5 inches in total so that you won’t have to bend too much when you take that prized shot!

Built of the Imperial Outdoor Pool Table

In addition to the above, this unique gaming table also boasts of a set of anodized aluminum rails, legs, and corners.

The playing surface has been provided with a state of the art K66 cushion rubber for ensuring that all rebounds remain solid and true to form.

Apart from that, the main bed board has been painstakingly crafted from over 140 layers of Formica sheets as well as the polyester resin for greater resilience and long-lasting performance.

Hathaway Spartan Pool Table

The combined effect of many layers interspaced with high-quality resin makes the Imperial outdoor pool table not just waterproof and fire-retardant, but also very durable.

The whole playing surface is covered with an 18mm thick Camel color Taclon cloth that won’t fray or tear even after years of prolonged usage.


This pool table is shipped with multiple accessories that include the following:

  • Two pool cues
  • One set of polyester balls that can easily withstand cracking and chipping regardless of your gameplay
  • Two sticks of white-colored chalk
  • An 8 ball-containing triangle
  • A playfield cover
Hathaway Spartan Pool Table

The Imperial Outdoor Pool Table is eight feet long and it can become a valuable addition to any game room, den, or any other place where you may want to relax and play a pool game.

The pool table market today is dominated by tables that are made of wood. These tables have been the traditional standard since the sport was initially invented.

They have been mass-produced for decades and they are usually too big to be moved easily from place to place.

Here, it is important to understand that wood doesn’t always provide the kind of ball control that a synthetic playing surface offers to the players during a Billiards game.

An additional issue with wood is that tends to react very badly to any sort of weather change. It will shrink and contract during very cold temperatures and expand whenever it gets warm.

Formica and polyester resins, on the other hand, provide considerable stability so that your game will always remain highly enjoyable.

The fabric combination consists of camel-colored, waterproof Taclon cloth that will sustain fast and accurate shots and handle rough play, with great ease.

Key Features

  • Mostly assembled. It requires bolting on the legs and leveling the table to the surface on which it is to be placed
  • Full-sized eight feet outdoor pool table
  • Completely anodized aluminum rails as well as aluminum corners and legs that are built to last even in rough outdoor environments
  • The bed (playing surface) is covered in soft camel-colored, waterproof Taclon cloth
  • K66 cushion rubber for straight and true rebounds
  • Multiple accessories included

Futuristic Design

In the past few years, pool table design has gone through significant changes and many manufacturers have now started exploring new avenues when it comes to table materials and colors.

The Imperial outdoor pool table is an excellent example of the fusion of modern and classic.

Its all-new aluminum design and construction has not taken away the traditional elegance that is such an important part of a pool table’s look.

This makes it ideal for both indoor and outdoor residential as well as commercial club settings.

Hathaway Spartan Pool Table


The table doesn’t show any visible machine or tooling marks and the contours have been rounded off very well so that there is no discomfort even if you were to lean all the way over the table.

Each and every portion of the whole table has been thoroughly machined so that it is perfectly level in every aspect.

The table’s legs, walls, and especially the playing area are as smooth and as flat as some of the best and most expensive products available in the market.

The k-66 rubber cushion layer not only dampens the sound but also makes playing all the more comfortable and convenient.

Assembling the Imperial Outdoor 8 Feet Pool Table

This is an easy to assemble pool table. To set the Imperial Outdoor 8 Feet Pool Table up, it is important that you place the tabletop face down first.

After that, you may install and secure the legs with the help of the four sturdy bolts that are provided with it.

You will have to slip the horizontal rails present below the table and just slip the table’s legs into them to assemble the table.

Once the legs are in place and are locked into position, you have to tighten them up with the bolts so that they are completely secure.

Now, you can even place your whole weight on the playing surface when you go for that hard-to-get shot, without any fear of the table collapsing under your weight.

Each leg comes with its own adjustable foot pad so that you will be able to adjust the playing surface as per your own personal preferences.

It can also be unscrewed and stored away in your attic, loft, or basement once you are done with it.

Reassembling is a breeze and you will have to follow the same procedure to have your board up and running in no time at all.

Pros and Cons of the Imperial Outdoor Pool Table

  • The Pool table has a unique design that makes it possible to play your favorite game both indoors and outdoors
  • It can be assembled very easily
  • It is very durable thanks to its aluminum frame
  • The Pool table is heavy, and it will require at least 3 people to flip it upside down to assemble it and carry it to its designated spot.

If you want a good entry-level outdoor pool table that you can enjoy in all weather conditions, you can’t go far wrong with the Imperial outdoor pool table.

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