Barrington Springdale 90-Inch Billiard Pool Table Review

If you’ve got a gaming room or a sports bar, adding a pool table can help to complete the overall look.

Classic pool tables can really add a luxurious air to a room. Furthermore, pool tables aren’t just good décor pieces – playing pool can also be a fun way to spend your time.

Barrington Springdale 90 Billiard Table

Most people assume that getting a classic pool table can be costly.

While that may be true, if you opt for the Barrington Springdale billiard pool table, you can bypass the heavy cost.

Not only is it more pocket-friendly but it has all the features that make it a must-have.

The Barrington Springdale Billiard Pool Table Review

A good-sized, 90-inch billiard pool table, the Barrington Springdale has a classic appearance with a touch of modernity.

Its design features and functionality help to make it the perfect centerpiece for a room and be the hub of activity in your home, bar, or club.

Barrington Springdale 90 Billiard Table

First Impressions

  • Has a wood grain laminate finish that is scratch-resistant
  • Has a 90-inch length table that is sturdy and durable
  • Gives a very classic appearance that goes well with any setting

Special Features

  • Has an old-fashioned, classic, and ornate claw design for all the table legs
  • The drop pockets are designed in a traditional style and feature leather-textured pockets
  •  Has a playfield that is covered with a tricot, polyester blended felt for a professional playing experience

Specifications and Dimensions

  • 89 x 50.2 x 30.9 inches
  • 260 pounds (when assembled)
  • Shipping weight: 304 pounds
Barrington Springdale 90 Billiard Table

When it comes to classic pool tables, the Barrington Springdale truly captures the aura of this concept and brings it to life.

The pool table has an eye-catching design which can make it perfect for use as a showpiece for your room.

Designed to imitate old billiard tables in parlors, the pool table has unique drop pockets that have a leather texture on top of them.

The deep pockets don’t have a fabric net but they have enough depth to easily catch multiple billiard balls. For extra stability, the table features metal legs that add to the table’s strength as well.

Barrington Springdale 90 Billiard Table

If you don’t like the metal legs, you can add high-quality molds to hide the legs. These molds are designed to look like a classic, old-fashioned claw legs.

The ornate work of the pool table is complemented by the dark wood grain laminate that is used to finish the table.

This laminate is also scratch-resistant and has a lovely luster to it. Along with these features, a green felt top playing field completes the classic appearance of the Barrington Springdale pool table.

Apart from the aesthetics, the functionality of this pool table is also exceptional. The playfield has been designed with particular attention to this aspect and is meant to give a professional-grade experience.

The green felt is a tricot polyester blend that has enhanced durability and provides steadiness in the billiard ball rolls.

The table also features bumper guards that ensure consistency in the bounce. These are designed to meet the specifications of genuine K-818 bumper guards.

Due to this, playing pool on the Barrington Springdale table is an extremely enjoyable process.

Accessories with the Barrington Springdale Billiard Pool Table

The Barrington Springdale Billiard pool table offers extra accessories that are packaged with it.

Purchasing this pool table gives you the following:

  • Billiard Balls – You get a complete set of classic billiard balls – (2.25 inches in size).
  • Cue Sticks –The Springdale also has 2 cue sticks (57 inches long) for players.
  • Chalk – You get 2 cubes of high-quality chalk for the cue sticks.
  • Triangle Ball Rack – This is made from good quality plastic and is black in color. It works well with the billiard balls.
  • Brush – You can look after the felt playfield with the help of the pool table brush that is provided.

Assembly is Required – Professional Assembly Recommended

The Barrington Springdale Billiard pool table is shipped in a disassembled state. Any buyers will have to assemble the table on their own once they receive the package.

Setting it up on your own can be a long process that could take up a few hours of your time.

While self-assembly is possible, there is another option available too. Barrington recommends that to preserve the playing quality, buyers should get the table professionally assembled.

Either assembled professionally or on your own, this is the perfect table for anyone who loves classic pool tables.

The Pros and Cons of the Barrington Springdale Billiard Pool Table

The Barrington Springdale Billiard pool table is a great buy but it is a good idea to base your decision after having a look at the pros and cons associated with it.

This can save you from a lot of grief later on.

The following are some of the major pros and cons that you can face with the Barrington Springdale Billiard pool table:

Pros of the Barrington Springdale Billiard Pool Table

The pros that you will see with the Barrington Springdale Billiard pool include the following:

Amazing Design

The design of the Barrington Springdale is amazing and is sure to make the table look like a classic piece of furniture.

The ornate design is carved intricately and made to imbibe an old but very unique look. The characteristic touch of this pool table has turned it into a favorite as a décor piece and as a pool table too.

Barrington Springdale 90 Billiard Table

Professional Playfield

The playfield of the Barrington Springdale Billiard pool is designed to give a professional playing experience. It is made with a classic green, tricot polyester blended felt.

This felt cloth and the bumpers, as well as the double laminated surface, ensure that playing on it is smooth and extremely fun. You can make all the shots you want without any issues.

Comes with Accessories

People with limited budgets will truly get a lot of value when they purchase the Barrington Springdale Billiard pool. It comes with all the accessories that you’ll need including cue sticks and billiard balls.

You can start playing as soon as the table is assembled. It also helps them to get more value for money by not having to spend more on purchasing these accessories separately.

Great Quality of the Table

The table is noted for having great quality in leveling, playability, as well as design. If placed in a room, it is sure to become a true centerpiece and will add to the aesthetics of your theme.

The high quality also ensures that this is a table that will last you for years, even with regular use.

Cons of the Barrington Springdale Billiard Pool Table

Despite all the pros, the Barrington Springdale Billiard pool table does have some cons associated with it.

The following are the cons you might see:

Bulky Size Can Make Storage Difficult

The Barrington Springdale Billiard pool table is not a small one. It’s 90 inches in length and when you add clearance space for the 57-inch cue sticks, you might run out of appropriate space.

As a result, it won’t fit in small rooms and requires some planning for placement.

It also means that it won’t fit in every room, bar, or club.

Having enough room for it can greatly limit and restrict where you keep it.

Isn’t Made of Real Wood

Despite having a wood laminate and a look that mimics ornate wood finishing, the Barrington Springdale Billiard pool table is not made of real wood.

Instead, it makes use of high-quality and durable plastic molds that feature the ornate design work that you can see.

This aspect can be very disappointing for people who’re looking to get a classic wooden pool table.

People have bought the table expecting it to be made of wood and have been surprised to see the plastic molds.

Assembly can be Tricky

The Barrington Springdale doesn’t come with a proper instruction manual for assembly. This can leave people feeling very confused.

Barrington has chosen to do this largely to encourage people to rely on professional assembly providers.

Some people have successfully assembled their own pool tables but it is not an easy task. It can take up to 3.5 hours to finish assembling the table.

Not everyone has that much time or energy to dedicate to this area.

Shipments Can Have Missing Parts

Another area that many people have complained about is receiving the Barrington Springdale Billiard pool table with pieces missing from the package.

It can then mean that they have to immediately return the package and get replacements or a refund on their purchase.

Based on the pros and cons, you can choose to buy The Barrington Springdale Billiard pool or not. Luckily, Barrington offers a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee with a full refund, should you ever change your mind.

Final Thoughts

The Barrington Springdale Billiard pool table is definitely worth getting, especially if you’re a fan of the traditional pool table aesthetic.

As a cheaper alternative to wood crafted pool tables, the Springdale embodies the same look and class as old-fashioned pool tables.

When added to any room, it is sure to become the main centerpiece and encourage anyone to start playing a game of pool or billiards.

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