How To Identify Aramith Pool Balls

Aramith pool balls have had a legendary reputation worldwide and are used by over 85% of players globally.

Aramith Pure Phenolic Pool Balls Regulation Belgian Made Billiard Ball Set (Premium)

However, identifying genuine Aramith pool balls can sometimes prove to be a little tricky (especially when there are some copycats and cheap knock-offs available in the market).

Buying a new set from reputable sites like Amazon is easy but getting genuine used ones is the challenge.

Since new ones are expensive, here’s how you can identify real used ones.

How To Identify Aramith Pool Balls

There are four certain factors to look out for to identify these balls.

Visual Inspection

As a brand, genuine Aramith balls maintain a few unique visual features that help in identifying them.

For instance, the manufacturer packages them in green and white marked boxes with the Aramith brand name written multiple times on the outer surface.

If they are in an unmarked box, this raises a red flag.

As for the balls, there are two unique ones. Have a close look at ball number 5.

If it has a curly bottom that almost touches the middle bar (nearly resembles the number six), you’re looking at an original Aramith pool ball

On the other hand, the nine-ball should have a straight underline. However, some product lines feature curved underlines with the number printed in a different font.

Since this is a bit confusing, the best way to identify them visually is by checking the photos from the seller and comparing the details with images shown on the manufacturer’s website.

Here is a large image of Aramith balls that you can use to compare:

Aramith Billiard Balls - Premier Belgian

Remember there are nine main product lines, and these might have slightly different visual features. These are:

  • Aramith Tournament Black
  • Aramith Tournament
  • Super Aramith Pro
  • Aramith Premium
  • Aramith Premier
  • Glow in the Dark balls
  • Aramith Stone
  • Aramith Camouflage
  • Aramith Crown Standard

Depending on the set you want to buy, compare it with what you see from Aramith (including the box) to determine if it is genuine or fake.

If this is still challenging, consult a local pool ball vendor to help you spot the differences.


Another crucial identification factor is the brand. Aramith balls are products of Saluc S.A, a Belgian manufacturing company.

Fake brands are increasingly becoming clever at imitating genuine balls, with some Asian pool balls going as far as claiming to be Belgian.

However, the boxes lack one thing, which is the “Made in Belgium” label. Aramith balls are the only ones manufactured in Belgium, so this is a valid indicator.

Make sure to check the country of origin marking. You might be surprised at the lengths some manufacturers can go.


Aramith pool balls are a tad more expensive, and this applies to new or used sets. If you want to buy a used set, it should be within a reasonable price range.

Some knockoffs have shockingly low prices on sites like eBay, and you might get tempted to grab the bargain.

On the other hand, a few clever brands sell their fakes at a high price while pretending they are high-quality Aramith pool balls.

Whichever the case, know that a genuine seller will not overprice or underprice the product.


Not everyone can identify pool balls via the material. But there are a few pointers to guide you in this.

Saluc makes these balls using Aramith phenolic resin, which is a highly durable material. It does not lose its luster or color and is tough enough to maintain its shape regardless of heavy usage.

Therefore, some of the ways to spot fakes when buying used ones are fading and signs of wear.

Due to their high-quality construction, used genuine Aramith pool balls always look as good as new.

Why Aramith Balls Are so Popular

Now that you know how to differentiate the real from the fake, you might be wondering what makes them highly regarded.

Well, Aramith pool balls are popular because of the following:

Incredible Design

Aramith’s Duramith™ technology has a unique elastic molecular structure that provides optimal rebound. 

The technology drastically extends the Aramith balls’ lifetime compared to that of the average polyester pool ball. 

Combined with the roundness, surface polish, and diameter tolerance, this gives you perfect ball control.

As such, players can optimize shots by accurately repositioning the cue ball after a predictable rebound.

Additionally, Aramith balls have anti-static properties. These prevent static charge build-up that would otherwise attract dust particles. The outcome reduces kicks, skids, and poor contact.

Balanced Performance

Another advantage these pool balls give during gameplay is balanced performance.

Production takes a total of 13 steps, which includes robotic and computer-assisted craftsmanship, especially during casting, curing, grinding, and polishing.

As a result, Aramith balls guarantee precise roundness and diameter tolerance.

The hardened phenolic resin stabilizes and distributes its density evenly on the ball. It means that the center of gravity is left squarely in the middle of the ball.

The entire production process lasts 23 days. Each ball undergoes manual checking at the final step to ensure quality and consistency.

Thus, when it gets to the playing part, the balls roll accurately in a straight line.

What’s more, the balls have fewer marks on the surface with zero abrasion and flat spots. They will not accumulate dirt, which would otherwise wear the cloth.

The reduced friction also lets them roll more freely. When the balls start moving, they resist the instant friction temperature of 482ºF/250ºC to ensure smooth rolling.


As stated earlier, Aramith phenolic resin, the material used to make these balls, is super durable.

It is scratch-resistant and can withstand up to 50 times more impacts than pool balls from other manufacturers. 

On top of that, it does not fade but instead holds the high gloss polish finish for a long time.

When maintained using the Aramith ball cleaner, the balls can last up to five times longer than their competitors. Sometimes as long as up to 40 years (for home use).

Worldwide Endorsement

Whenever professionals use a product repeatedly, it is a sign of superb quality and fine craftsmanship.

Most billiards, snooker, pool, carom, and other game tournaments globally use Aramith balls. In contrast, up to four million amateurs and professionals use them daily.

The figure represents about 85% of players worldwide, which is a significant market share.

Because of their quality and reputation, most people recognize them as a reference for the industry.

Value for Money

Aramith pool balls are not cheap. The most basic set can cost around $100. The high-end Tournament and Tournament Black sets exceed the $400 mark.

Of course, these are new ones, but used sets are not that much cheaper.

However, instead of looking at the cost only, consider the quality and durability as well.

Since they can last up to 40 years, buying a new Tournament Black set is equivalent to spending $10 per year. It is a good deal for home use if you think about it.

In addition to this, you get top-quality pool balls that will give you the best playing experience.

In Conclusion

Quality pool balls are vital to enhancing your snooker, billiards, or pool playing experience. Aramith excels at making superior pool balls in the market.

While we recommend getting a new pool ball set, you can still buy a used Aramith set because the quality does not change.

However, if you decide to do so, make sure you use the four factors above to avoid getting duped.

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