How Much Does It Cost to Refelt a Pool Table?

The cost to refelt a pool table stands at an average of around $360.

To understand how much does it cost to refelt a pool table, you will have to take into consideration several factors. Here’s a detailed look at the cost of recovering a pool table.

Basic Cost Estimates to Refelt a Pool Table

For a pool table that measures up to 8 feet, the refelt work will cost between $260 and $500. When it comes to 9-foot tables, the refelt work will cost about $280 to $560.

If you purchase a felt, you might have to pay an additional $100. To get an accurate idea of what the refelt costs are in your locality, you should do some research.

Several other tasks may be involved during felt replacement like leveling, felt installation, staple removal, and billiard cloth selection.

If you want to replace bumpers during felt replacement, then you must pay about $60 to $180 extra. For disassembling, moving, and reassembling the pool table, you will be charged around $200 more.

The felt material for pool tables comes in different qualities that can cost around $140 to $340 on average. Labor costs will amount to $125. Advanced pool table installations can cost around $280.

If you are not sure about what services you will need, then you can resort to a stand service call along with tune-up for which you must pay nearly $100. With the help of tune-up services, you can ascertain the kind of slate pool table that you have.

You can request brochures or go through online lists of all kinds of pool services in your area. You should read through these to get an idea about the range of service offerings, benefits, and costs.

There are certain instances where replacing the felt is necessary. Felt replacement is required when moving your pool table since the process necessitates the need for replacing it. Hence, this is a very good time to replace felt with a better quality one.

After the felt is replaced, you should test for the pool table level to ensure that it is perfectly flat. For tables that are smaller than 7 feet, the felt replacement cost ranges between $270 and $450. Felt replacement for 8-foot tables can range from $280 to $500.

The price depends a lot on the quality of the felt. The price can rise by up to $50 per extra foot of table length.

Pool Table Felt

Pool table fabrics come in a wide range of styles. Teflon felt is the most budget-friendly option, and it costs around $130.

Boshen Worsted Blend Billiard Cloth Pool Table Felt Fast Speed for 7' 8' 9' Pool Table Pre Cut Bed & Rails

Worsted cloth is the highest quality fabric that you will find for pool tables. This fabric costs $340.

The type of felt cloth you choose depends on your pool table quality.

In case you feel tempted to go for the cheapest felt, you should reconsider your decision. Poor quality felt can cost you more in the long run. Low-quality fabric will wear out more quickly.

Not only must you pay for new fabric, but you will also have to pay for labor costs. Cheap alternatives often turn out to be costly over the long run.

On the other hand, if you select high-quality felt for your pool table and care for it properly, then you can expect it to last for about a decade.

Pool Table Felt Repair

Most pool companies do not offer pool table felt repair services since replacing the felt is often easier and more cost-effective.

Felt repair can be intricate since the cloth must be kept as smooth and level as possible. There is also the possibility that the damage may extend beyond the felt.

If you want, you can buy self-adhesive felt patches for $10 at Amazon. Although this is a quick and cheap solution, it is far from the best.

The patch may not be perfectly flat and will create a hindrance for the balls. In case you have good sewing skills, then you can use a thread and needle to patch up the torn fabric. You can then use a hot steam iron to smoothen it.

Customized Pool Table Felt

To deliver a statement and flaunt your unique style, you can order a customized pool table felt. You can choose to place any kind of design that pleases you on the felt fabric.

For instance, you can install your business logo or artwork that resonates with you.

Custom-made felt replacements can cost up to $550 for 7-feet and 8-feet tables. For 9-feet pool tables, the cost can go up to $600.

The final price of custom-made felt depends on various factors like the size of the artwork, colors used, and the quality of the felt cloth.

Coin-Operated Pool Tables

Felt replacement costs for coin-operated pool tables are the same as that for pool tables that not coin-operated. The average cost stands at about $380.

The price range can go from $295 to $595.

For coin-operated pool tables, you will have to replace the felt more often since they undergo much heavier use and are located in places open to the public.

Pool Table Bumper Felt Replacement

If you want to replace felt for pool table bumpers, then you must be willing to pay $60 to $180. This cost is in addition to the table refelt expenses.

When you replace felt on the playing surface, then this is a good time to replace felt on the bumpers since everything has been apart.

Other Pool Table Repair Costs

Pool table repair costs can run between $200 and $700. These depend on the nature of the job and what is being repaired such as bumpers and rails, refinishing, leveling, dismantling, hauling, and reassembling.

Here is a breakdown of different pool table services.

Service Average Cost
Service & Tune-Up $60 – $195
Moving & Assembly $295 – $395
Refelting & Recovering $265 – $550
Re-bumpering $60 – $180
Rail Replacement $280 – $450
Dismantle $195 – $245
Installation $240 – $360
Leveling $240 – $360
Refinishing $295 – $395

Pool Table Recovery

Recovering a pool table involves a few steps like treating slate surface defects, removing staples and glue, removing and replacing the existing felt.

Here are the average costs of such recovery jobs.

Package Average Cost
Assemble Used Table $245 – $295
Assemble Used Table + Refelt $395 – $495
Refelt + Tune-up $280 – $400
Refelt + Tune-up + Rail Replacement $495 – $695
Move + Reassemble + Refelt $495 – $695

Pool Table Rail Replacement

The cost of pool table rail replacement ranges between $300 and $450.

Rail replacement is a sensitive task since the balls will rebound erratically for poor gameplay if the job goes awry. Therefore, the expert must take meticulous care while carrying out this job.

The price of felt replacement often includes the cost of rail replacement.

Pool Table Bumper Replace Cost

The cost of pool table bumper replacement lies between $50 and $100.

Cushion facing may be affixed to the rail and rail rubbers. If the job is done well, then pool table bumpers should last around two decades on a high-quality pool table.

Pool Table Leveling Costs

If your pool table playing surface becomes skewed then you will have to call in a professional to level it. The professional will charge you about $80 per hour and a further $60 to $100 for coming to your home for repairs.

Pool table leveling is completed while the pool table is being installed and setup. The cost for such a service is around $250 to $360.

Setup jobs include laying felt on the table, leveling the pool table, and complete assembly.

Pool Table Refinish Costs

Pool table refinishing costs range between $300 and $400. The cost of replacing the fabric on the rails and the playing surface is also included in this price.

To refinish your pool table, it will undergo a thorough tune-up so that it reverts to its pristine condition.

Pool table repair services perform refinishing in the following steps:

  • Pool table disassembly
  • Adjusting and checking the level of the pool table
  • Treating the slate to level the table surface
  • Resealing of slate seams
  • Laying out the new fabric
  • Assembling the pool table back again

Cost of Snooker Table Recovery

Contingent on the quality of the felt fabric, the cost of snooker table recovery may range from $400 to $530.

Although pool tables and snooker tables look very similar, there are certain key differences between them. They both have pockets in all four corners as and also in the middle of the long sides.

The biggest difference between these two kinds of tables is size.

Pool tables have different lengths. They may be as short as 7 feet and can go up to 9 feet in length. 8-foot pool tables are not uncommon either.

The 7-foot table is known as the bar table, while the 8-foot table is often called the home table. The 9-foot table is referred to as the tournament table or the professional table.

Snooker tables, on the other hand, are significantly longer at 12 feet. Snooker tables are a common sight in the UK while pool tables are favored in the US.

Pool Table Felt Replacement Factors

Some influence the cost of replacing felt in a pool table. The biggest factors are the quality of the fabric and the professional that you will be hiring to do the job.

As with most things, you can choose to cut costs with the most basic quality or you can opt to splash the cash for a professional-looking pool table.

Larger tables need more fabric and they also require more time for felt fabric installation. Professional pool tables measure up to 9 feet long whereas, slate pool tables of the kind used in ordinary homes can range from 7 to 8 feet on average.

Pool Table Moving Expenses

Moving a pool table is indubitably a strenuous task. Therefore, various factors can increase the cost of moving these cumbersome tables like the length of travel and the flights of stairs.

To move the table, it must be disassembled before it is taken away and then reassembled when it is reinstalled. Leveling must also be carried out at the end. All of these costs add up and are included in the pool table moving expenditure.

If you want your pool table to be shifted to a different part of your home, then you must be prepared to hand over $300 to $400. At this price range, remember that new felt will not be included. Instead, the old felt will be reused.

If you need to have your pool table moved to a different spot and the felt replaced, then the costs can range from $500 to $600. You can install felt with a color of your choice to give your table a brand new look.

When the pool table components are taken apart carefully, they are wrapped in thick blankets so that they do not suffer damage while moving. The slate is treated with meticulous care in particular since it is highly susceptible.

When the pool table is moved to its new location it is reassembled and leveled.

Traveling Fees

If you live within the city where the pool table repair service is located, then you won’t have to pay the technicians any commuting expenses.

However, if you are located away from the city limits, then you will have to bear some additional charges.

If your residence is:

  • 10 miles away, then the traveling fee is $25
  • 20 miles away, then traveling fees are $50
  • 30 miles away, then traveling fee is $75


You have been provided with a breakdown of all kinds of costs involved in refelting a pool.

Now, you will have a better idea of how much does it cost to refelt a pool table.

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